Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have you really looked at a pebble beach lately?..well have you?

I have always loved the sea and the beach, although l prefer sand over pebbles any day. Brighton beach unfortunetly is pebbles but on a day like last Tuesday, it didn't matter. No sun, not to warm but loads to look at...have you ever really looked at what is on a pebble beach other than pebbles?...well here is your chance!!!

Pebbles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. I love the ones that come in blues and look even better when damp!
The amount of different seaweeds on the beach today was astonishing to see.  Unfortunetly so was the different sort of rubbish that had been washed up to. Although it all adds to the colours on the beach!

This blue grey stone looked as if it could be some kind of sea creature and to me looked as if it would crawl off any minute! But then l do have a very vivid imagination l am told by my family!!!

This feather was being blown around by the wind, just as l was about to give up trying to film it with all its pieces seperated...the wind died down but was gentle enough to give me the image l was looking for.
I always think this seedweed(seed pods) looks like grapes! Tony reckons they are float aides for the seaweed to float?..sounds plausible!

Cuttlefish l think this is from..but not sure..looks like a miniature surf board! I remember once, when my son was about 5, he used to use these with his Action men figures! Imagination runs strongly in my family!!!
This orange nylon twine may add colour and texture to my image but to sea creatures and birds, it can mean death!
I must look up the names of these different sorts of seaweeds, this one looks like leather to me. I just love the texture of it and the colour. In this image it is dark green and almost black in places....Um wonder how well it would print?

Purple and pink, what pretty seaweed.
This next seaweed is the same as the dark green you saw above but this time is a most a beautiful burnt orange in colour. Reminds me of rust.
The last image is another reason why l love going to the beach...gulls. This one is a baby..just learning to fly really. It was fun watching him, many of his landing would be called "crashed landings" if he had been a plane!


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures -- I esp love the one of the pebbles.

Felisol said...

I am stone mad.
I gather pebbles to bring home from everywhere.
I even had overweight on a flight from Rhodes.
The pebbles of Brighton are lovely in colours and shapes.
So well polished and glittering.
Hope you are enjoying summer there.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It was the only Beach we visited while staying in London and we were surprised to find how pebbly it was! And that people were lounging on on it. We are wimps -- and not really beach people either == so we did no lounging. But I like your look at the pebbles and wish now I'd paid more attention.