Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A day trip to Brighton!

One of the many things l love about this place is the Art work, that is all over Brighton.  Below are a few of the murals/grafitti that l saw today, that l thought were really special!..especially the first!

This metal sculpture of a zebra was high up over a shop doorway and was very impressive and the b/w painted spripes, l thought, just finished the whole image off wonderfully!

There are a number of Tattoo parlours in Brighton but this one's window display really set it apart from the others..Wish l could have taken a better image but it was not possible.
I have always wanted to wear my hair like this but now...l feel l am too old and l think my family would consider it the last straw!!Ha
As many of you know, l love textiles and l have found a great little fabric shop called Ditto Fabrics and it does mail order!Yeh! then down another street l found another shop, didn't have time to check it out but looks fasinating..another visit coming soon "me" thinks!!!!!Need to save "the money" up first though!!
I love AllSaints and there is an amazing one here in Brighton. I have to say l love their sewing machine window display but l never knew there were SO many old machines around. I gave mine away when l went to Dubai many years ago. LOVED that old machine, had a character all of it's own!

Today was not a summer's day by any means and yet...arn't the British wonderful...they were swimming in the sea!!!!! Adults and children alike!
Look at that sky..isn't it gorgeous?

I love this can only see the images if you are standing at certain angles! Very clever piece of work.
I love seagulls!

The balloons below were let of my what looked like a special needs school but l have no idea what the occassion was.

Someone has been having fun..who's says you can't have fun when there is no sand?? Love the way they made a sail boat out of a cuttle fish bone and a feather..very creative!
Fragile feathers, beautifully colured stones and shells and textured seaweed.....the beach hold such wonderful finds for an artist!!

Now where did this young bird come from and ..what is it? A goose maybe?

Colourful life guards on patrol but not quite Bay Watch is it..sorry guys!
Beautiful and very unusual shade of blue!
We are on holiday and this is what you matter how cold it is..good on them, l say!
The recipe for a British Summer Holiday..cold,grey and wet weather, ice creams and writing postcards!

The "Cultural" side of Brighton and French Language students......!
And last but not least..Brighton Train Stration..cna you see the clock...can you see what's wrong with it??

We had an amazing day even if it was a bit chilly..came home with loads of lovely material, a thimble! and lots of interesting colourful papers and string!! Night all. Hope you enjoyed your quick magic carpet ride round Brightonxx


Felisol said...

Wow, Brighton still rocks!!
You have captured so many facets of the former formal resort town.
It still is worth while visiting.
I'm looking forward to more holyday pictures.

La Dolce Vita said...

I am afraid we are having a british summer here in CO! wet and overcast.. hope it lifts today!
you photos are awesome wonderful colorful graffiti and great beachy shots!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Thanks for the great tour of Brighton! I love your photos, especially the closeups at the beach, and the graffiti. And the old couple freezing on the beach are just too funny!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We went to Brighton Beach when we were there and were amazed. Not at all what we expected to see but we loved it. It reminded us quite a lot of certain places in Oregon (where we're originally from) so we felt quite at home.

Looks like you had a great day trip. I had to laugh at the people all wrapped up in their lawn chairs. Last winter when we had coldish days here in Florida the tourists were in shorts and flipflops while the locals wore fall clothes and coats. The tourists were like "we came to
Florida to wear shorts and we're gonna wear shorts if it kills us!"

Lesa said...

Wow, another great photo diary! We didn't make it to Brighton when we were in the UK but we did go to Blackpool-- I was freezing in June but the locals were frolicking in the sea.

Oh yes--love the dyed dreadlock photo.

Angie said...

Great trip around my 'home town'. Thanks. You have much to inspire you for your postcard making!