Friday, July 02, 2010

A colouful trip through Southall.

The other week com ing home from visiting my parents, we decided to come home a different way. This time we came through Southall, as we hadn't been that way before. These images show one of the reasons we love living in london! We live in an amazing city and we really appreciate the ability to be able to live here.
I love Indian Food! and don't you just love the statues!

It feels like a steet in old Dubai, with food stalls on the street! I can almost smell the food..yummy!
The shops that sell gold jewellery on this street, are so like the old Dubai shops we used to see over 20 odd years ago. By that l mean the bracelets and necklaces are just different, hard to explain..sorry!
I often think l was born in the wrong country as l love these clothes and when l have worn these styles, l feel so comfortable and at easy in them, far more than l do in European clothes! Maybe that is why my clothes are different and often loose and brightly coloured?!
One of the reasons l took this image, was because of what was in the background! Can you see the street seat in the background? It has been turned round and has become a meeting place. People sit on these seats and talk, other people come and go. You will see this in most hot countries...great to see it here. There were these seats all over the streets with people sitting on them and chatting.

I just love the mixture of colours that most Indian women wear..beautiful.

Such a colouful addition to the streets.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love this post Lynda. We're untraveled really, but when we stayed in London for 3 months we felt like we knew a little bit what it would be like to live in so many different countries. We tried to visit as many different areas as we could for the street flavor as you so beautifully show here!

lynda Howells said...

Thanks for your comments..glad you enjoyed yourself over here..l love the placexx

Manang Kim said...

Your shadow shots are so pretty and gorgeous. Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday