Saturday, July 17, 2010

A very interesting journey home from Spitalfields.......

The other week, after visiting Spitalfield Market, Tony and l decided to catch a bus home rather than take a it was still light and l love buses! While we were standing waiting, l noticed this lady with the balloons..wonder what the occasion was?

The next image did make me smile, which is why l took it. The tall guy in the centre of the image has such style and charisma! Wonderful!

l see the building in the background, commonly known as "The Gherkin" most days and yet l have never seen it from this angle before! Almost makes it look unreal!

This sculpture below is in Liverpool Street Station and is to do with the Kinder Transport, children mostly Jewish, saved from Germany and sent over here to be safe. It is an amazing piece but to me it looks like chocolate!

The area in the image below is off  Bishopsgate ...just love this time people.

Below is an image taken in the same time for office workers in Central London! Cool fun!

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that l love graffitti....l saw this from the top of the double decker bus!

Below, is another piece of graffitti but it may have been painted by the owner of the brighten up his shop when closed!
Sometimes, l wonder what the owners or landlords of delapidated houses, feel they can leave their properties like this. I think this may be an empty one but if it is..why doesn't the council take it over? They have the power and there are so many homeless people in and around London! of my many "soap box" topics!!
This lady was on the bus with us..l was fascinated by her nails. 

How on earth do you do things with nails that long? I used to lived in The Bahamas, where EVERYONE has long fingernails..real and artificial! I had never seen such long nails until l went there and the designs....oh my many! I did try having nails like this once.....never again! I thought l would try because my nails are not very strong and break very easily. They lasted about 2 days and then they started to come off on their own..honestly. Also, it felt so weird and l doubt that l would ever get used to them. The beauty therapist tried three times to re-attach them... It failed every time.  The beauty therapist said, she had never had trouble like this before with any other client. She reckoned that my fingers were telling me...this is not right, take them off!!

This young lady had her hair braided with what looked like glass beads but in fact they were plastic. I just loved the way they caught the light, very pretty! Again, in the seemed like every, women and children plus tourists had braided hair!
Just love reflections and think this one is fantastic! It took me a while to work out which bit of which building was in the window reflection.
Another graffiti image to brighten up a street. I would love to know who created this? and, what is the story behind it?! 
When we took this bus home, we had not expected it to take so long... a very extended, convoluted route. Took us to places we hadn't been through before...very interesting! There were moments when l felt like l was still in Papua New Guinea; another 3 bus stops on and everyone is white; and then 4 or 5 more stops and everyone is Asian..very interesting journey...loved of the many reasons l love living in London!

This last image has nothing to do with the rest of this blog but l just had to add it because it made me giggle and l hope it will do the same for you! Night folks!!!

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You find beauty and intrigue in the most unexpected places -- I love it. On our visit, we always tried to get the top front seat in the double-decker busses -- I don't know why I didn't try to take some pictures from there. I am thinking of the many market places we passed.

I stole a picture from my own blog about London for today's post and so we were thinking again about the lovely time we had there.