Friday, July 23, 2010

Carp in the pond!

The below video, is one l took late one afternoon at Penn Ponds, in Richmond Park. It was the first time l had ever been aware of fishermen in the Park. This video shows a very lucky fisherman, who only spent about 15 mins catching and pulling in this 30lb Common beautiful. I don't normally approve of fishing for fun, but the way this fish and fisherman reacted to each other was amazing. He thanked the fish, the fish relaxed, let him release the hook, the fish appeared to be listening to him. When the man let him go, he stayed with him for ages, then gently swam away. What an experience.

I also took some images with my phone camera..because believe it or not..l did not have my camera with me!!!!! This really was a beautiful fish and l had no idea there were fish THIS big in these ponds!

The sun was shinning through his tail ... he really was a perfect specimen...not even any scales missing!

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