Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another exciting day in the Big City!!

Earlier this week, Tony and l went up to london, mainly because l had an appointment at the Sleep Clinic...but because it was so warm and with blue skies, we walked and spent quite a while in town. The first thing that caught my eye on the start of this journey was a shoe at Putney Railway Station. Somebody had a good night out...must have been difficult walking home in only one shoe and that high as well!! or maybe they had a good day at Ascot!!!

Once in London Bridge area, we went to walk through the Galleria and outside was a huge crane. Being red and against an amazing blue sky...looked beautiful! I also love the shadows that have formed on the base of the crane itself.
Inside the Galleria there are shops, restaurants, market stalls, a huge iron ship that has moving parts and running water and a Boules pitch! I love the glass and metal ceiling.

What a wonderful splash of colour this workman's overalls make!
Just behind the Mayor's Office is a Water Spout fFountain and children and parents were having an amazing time playing in twater, as different bits of it went up and down in height. I think many tourists were surprised to see this going on in a "work" area!
This lady and child were having fun and seemed to be in a world of their own. In the next image you will see a larger version of what they were playing in!

The reflection below blew me see so much and so clearly in this stack of windows was, to me, amazing!

Talking of reflections, l love the art on this wall and also the reflections in the window itself. If you look closely, you will see me! Oh joy of joys!!

And last but not least, l know it was a bit wicked but l couldn't resist taking this image..l will leave you to guess why!!!


Emma said...

Love your photos of the city, I lived in London many years ago!

Are you the same Lynda who just follwed me? I ask as when I click on the icon there's no link so I'm just checking this comment is you.I used to follow 'blind' until i saw the words 'more options' in the box where you are sent when you follow.....if you get me! Somehow you need to add a link there..! Let me know, thanks!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love London! Our son and d-i-l are there this week but I didn't see them in your photos (LOL!)....

I love your captures of ordinary life -- like the workman and the kids splashing in the fountains. Great images.

Lynda Howells said...

Yes emma it was mexxlyndax
hope your son and wife enjoy londonxlynda