Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday present, two weddings and a beautiful day! Pt 1

Today, Saturday, Andrew and Gemma, my son and daughter-in-law, were up in London for a friend's we took the opportunity to see them for coffee. Also, l had Gemma's birthday present for Tuesday with me. It is a hand-made( by me) wall hanging,  made from the small quilted, hand embroidered and decorated cushions l also use for making my book covers. For more info, go to my Art/Craft blog

 Below is a very rare image..the City empty! it is empty because basically in this part of town on a Saturday and Sunday it is closed! Not good when you are trying to find a coffee!
If you have been following the news, this memorial for Ian Tomplinson will mean something to you. If not..simply, he died after an incident involving riot police during a demonstration. Who's fault was it? That is what all the fuss has been about.
This church, l feel invites you to come in, even if you are not religious person or it is not your faith..! We sat in a coffee shop opposite, for a drink because, as usual, Tony had me an hour earlier in town, than we needed to be! (Tony interjects in self defence - "Anticipating the lack of potential venues for coffee on a Saturday!")
Love this sign in the coffee shop..forget the problems it causes your lungs and those of others around's the coffee that is important!
The artist below is a sign writer, l watched him for a while..amazingly steady hand. I asked him how he managed because l would be shaking all the time? He responded, he did to, until he reached half-way, then he calmed down!
This pump was erected in 1799 for the "London Fire Officers" to use..amazing isn't it? 
One of the things l love about London, is the way old and new building stand side by side....a building built in 1788 can be standing next to a building that was constructed in 2009! And yet it looks right!
The image below, shows you how to look thinner than you actually are..take an image of your reflection! 
We were waiting for Andrew & Gemma in a Costa, because there were few places open in the City, which just happened to be in Bow Churchyard, off Cheapside, where there was a Wedding scheduled. A real "London" Wedding, cockney accents and a Pearly King and Queen. Fantastic. Love her handbag...!

Below are the back views of the wonderful pearly King and Queen. All that work..must have taken her literally hours to make. I am in Awe!

I think this scooter driver thinks he is in Rome, where we saw loads of scooter driving on the pavement!
I think this guy was father of the his waistcoat. My son and husband would kill for it! One strange think though. The 'button holes' for the groomsmen were lilies that l consider funeral lilies and the bridesmaids were in black! Interesting!
This young lady was one of the guests and had a black dress on and the most gorgeous emerald green, short jacket over the top. Her fascinator and finger nails were also green. She really looked stunning.

I have to admit, l did not particually like the hat in the image below..but..Tony thought it was the hat of the wedding!

Below is an image of my gorgeous son and daughter-in-law...don't they look great? They were married a year ago on the 4th July!
The image below is of the Church, (St Lawrence Jewry) where they were going, for their friend's wedding. The adjacent pond and small fountains of the ancient Guildhall really give the area a very calming effect. As you will see from the two images after that, it is full of waterlilies and masses of green plants and a few bullrushes.

The bridesmaids were beautiful, although one of them looked as if she was about to give birth any moment!
The image below is not a perfect one, by any means but l love it because it looks as though the bride is glowing all on her own!
It is so nice that some churchs still allow confetti to be thrown. Adds to the occasion l think. Also l took this image because l loved the shadows the railings had caused.
One large problem at lunch time on a Saturday in the city...not many taxi's..not fun when you are in a Morning Suit, after a Wedding..its hot and you can't get home! Shame!

The story of the rest of the day and early evening, follows tomorrow.....................

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