Thursday, December 10, 2009

Small front gardens in Richmond.

I had three hours to kill the other day, while my tyres were being changed. So I decided to walked along from the garage towards Richmond on the other side of the road for a chance. As it was so cold, l decide to go and get a coffee and keep warm till pick up time! But that was not to be..the camera eye took over and for the next three hours, l froze, couldn't feel my fingers or toes but l had an amazing time. I never knew that the little houses on that side had some much to see in their tiny front gardens. There were gardens full to bursting with plants in pots, there were amazing water fountains and bird baths and the ornaments in some of these gardens just made me laugh out loud. Others made me wonder what these people were like that put artifical butterflies in their gardens and laughing frogs? Anyway l have put some images up of the ones l thought you might enjoy or chringe at depending on your mood at the time?!!! ENJOY!
The large stikey plant you see (the first image) was one of two in a very small front garden but the flowers were oh so beautiful, so l can understand why they would want them in their garden.

How many pots can you see in this small front garden? Overkill or just desperate for a garden and not a piece of concrete?

Unlucky for some..the number is cracked as well...but an upside- down horseshoe too....not so sure if that is just too much! I looked up the meaning of an upside-down horseshoe and there is quite a lot written on the subject. Horseshoes are meant to be lucky because blacksmiths are mystical and magical and there- fore so are there product. Upside- down ones are also meant to be lucky but these is a big debate going on...If horse shoes are lucky, surely if you turn them upside down, doesn't that mean all the luck will drip away? The answer to that one seems still open to the jury? What do you think?

Don't these 4 big pottery balls and these 2 laughing frogs make you giggle?....

What a clever way to us up broken pieces of crockery and the broken pot itself...clever re-cycling idea.
And in many of these small gardens, there apears to be quite a lot of recycling going on from using old sinks to recycling old chimmney pots. Maybe this is the way to go, as everything new seems to be getting so expensive to buy new these days.

Many of these tiny front gadens have funny signs in them like.."dont feed the birds..they are not real"..or "shut the gate, the dog bites" and so on. But one sign made me giggle for ages. It says, "A lovely lady and a grumpy old man live here". Maybe it has to do with tony becoming "retired" in two days time!!!! 

And on that happy note, l will say "Goodnight" and a Happy Christmas to you all..x

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