Saturday, December 19, 2009

My coffee cup book project....on going!

Just for fun today l thought l would show you some of the throw away coffee cups l have photographed over a few years. "Coffee cups" l hear you say.."Is she mad?". Well... quirky yes!!!!and l think you have to be slightly mad to be a good artist!Ha! No seriously l am making a book about coffee and the images are part of the story. when it is complete l will show it on this blog. I am also making books involving cigarrette boxes....all will be revealed at a later date!!!Patience my little ones.

 It wasn't until l started this project that l became aware thast there were so many different designs for coffee cups.Also the companies change them for different celebrations such as Easter and Christmas and some change the text all the time..fasinates me!

The green cross cup is from Guildford and it is the first time l have seen it and l have been taking images for the past 3 years!! Must admit the green does stand out doesn't it?

Today tony and l went on a mad dash to Cirensecter to play Father Christmas and deliver presents to nephews and nieces. While we were there, discovered that Nero's had opened....great excitment with queues stretching out the door for the past two weeks apparently. So we refreshed ourselves with strong coffee and got back in the "pocket rocket" and drove to Rustington on the South Coast to deliver pressies to my parents...then back to London!phew. We were very lucky with weather and skies, snow on the ground and no traffic jams..Bliss!

The image you see above, was taken at Waterloo Train Station. You will see piles of cups and bags of rubbish all over the station because they no longer have solid dustbins. This is because the Police don't want to make it easy for people to place bombs at the station. In our local station, Putney, we have clear plastic bags hanging on poles for you to put your rubbish in. It works, so l have often wondered why Waterloo doesn't do it too? l don't mind because it gives me a chance to take more images of "rubbish" but it would look better and give a better impression of London, to tourists if we used bags!

I love the cup above because they have such wonderful things written on them and always make me smile. What more could you want from a coffee first thing in the morning?

I challenge you not to smile when you read the caption on the side of this coffee cup?!

Some are just boring, like this one. Although at least it has some colour and a pattern on it, not just plain white like the ones you get on British Railway buffet cars!!!Boring...These next and last two images are of Coffee Houses celebrating Christmas with new designs for their cups. Happy Christmas everyonex Lynda

 Coffee...gone are the days you went into a coffee shop or cafe and asked for a coffee and the waitress would say, "Black or white" now there is such a choice.....  Esspresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Latte and oh so much more!!

 ENJOY what ever your final choice...................oh and is that with or without sugar???????

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