Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visit to Cirencester and Rustington...all ion onme day!

On Saturday last week, Tony and l went firstly to Cirencester, to act as father christmas to my sister, her children and her children! It was a very weird journey, we left Putney and there was a tiny bit of snow but not enough to shout about, but other parts of London were not moving because of the snow!!
Can't remember where we saw this Wind Turbin but it reminded me how much l love them. They sound so "calming" when the wind makes them move. I know a lot of people don't like them but l think when they are single or on mass they look so magical.

The image above, as you can see..was taken from a moving car ( my mini). Oh! l had better explain, l was not driving, l was the passenger! The reason l tried to take it was because l wanted to show you all these, what look like markers in a battlefield to me. In actual fact they are covers to protect small saplings as they grow..planted by the side of the moterway. There were hundreds of them.
As we were driving into Cirencester, behind us was a wedding car, but each time l hoped it would pass us so l could take an image, some other car would drive infront of it. So after a while l looked in my side mirror and framed in it was the car and l also realised the bridesmaids car was behind them. The reason l wanted to take this image of the car, was because it was so polished, the reflections were amazing in the bodywork.

The next image is not very interesting but it is just some thing l noticed..and that is what this blog is about, things others may not notice! Just lately Recycling Bins have been painted brighter colours or a bright green to encourage people to recycle. It appears not the Cotswold district, take a look at their "exciting" recycle bins!

I thought l had better give you a beautiful image to follow this rather dull one. The next image is of unfortunetly dead pheasants, taken at the food market. dead or alive, you have to admit they are beautiful. The guy who was selling them, gave me about 20 of the long tail feathers, which are browns and not as bright as the others feathers but still amazing to look at.

While l was walking in the square in Cirencester, l saw this woman, and was fasinated by her hair. I had never seen  braids this long on a woman before. It looked beautiful.

Although there was no snow around Cirencester, there were a lot of puddles and they were all frozen. Not just lightly frozen but thick ice, the poor birds were very confused by it all.

We were just driving out of Cirencester, trying a new route, when we realised we had taken the wrong turning. We drove on until we could turn round safely and there in front of us was this christmas tree. Even though there were no lights on this tree, it stood out. The red and golden baubles REALLY stood out from quite a distence.

We left Cirencester after playing Father Christmas, heading toward Rustington, on the south coast to play Father Christmas to my parents. It was really strange how some areas were thick with snow and then just round the snow and no problems.
Below are some images l took while dashing through the dark afternoon and evening to see my parents!!!

This bridge looked so magical in the gloom and with snow around it.

Although not much snow, VERY dangerous as lots of black ice around. As l said, no really deep snow, like l was used to in Luxembourg but never the less...still beautiful and magical in places.

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