Friday, December 25, 2009

A party and silly or funny found things on the way to it! and home again!

Let the fun begin.....arriving in Islington.

This little stall is a few doors away from my daughter's new flat. It fasinated me because l wouldn't have thought this was the sort of style crockery young people would be buying..very judgemental l know!. This area is full of young proffesional type people, mainly single but lots of them! But the place was heaving with young people buying. Maybe it was cheap or perhaps l have just got it all wrong! has been known you know!Ha!

The reason for the visit to this part of London was to go to a Christmas Tree Garlanding Party at my daughter's new flat. It was great fun. All her friends and her flat mate tom's friends brought a hanging for the tree and a bottle of something. Jenny had made chocolate fondant die for and Tom made his very first cake. well done guys it was an amazing parety. Also thanks for inviting us old foggies to your party!x.The image below is the decoration my daughter choose for her addition to the tree. Very apted for this time of year in any year, l think!!

On our way to the flat we passed quite a few funny things. I didnt take as many images as usual, for as many of you camera is still awaiting repair in the hospital!!! So l am using a point and shoot camera and getting very frustrated with it. So fewer images and not as good but hey...l am still keeping a record and that's what really matters to me if l am honest and not also vain!!
The next image was in the middle of the pavement and what caught my eye was the paper clip!! Why?

Just before you get to my daughters flat in Angel, we went passed this resturant and l noticed this funny drawing on the wall. Made me smile!... which was quite hard to do as it was cold, snowing and the path was very covered in ice!

Travelling just behind us was a young couple with a small boy of about 3 and they had obviously bribed their son to come out, with the promise of a visit to a certain toy shop. Well, l expect that they will not do that again. The reason being, for the 10 mins or so, all we could hear was, "Is the toy shop near, the toy shop coming soon....where is the toy this the toy shop...are we there yet...and so on?". We could still hear him when we were far ahead. I reckon he would have to walk another 6 mins before they got him to the shop. I have to admit, it was a gorgeous old style toy shop full of wooden toys and things you have to wind up by hand. I could have spent ages in there myself at another time.
Just after that, we came across this image. It is one of those images that gets my imagination going. I ask myself questions like..why is their only one handprint? Was it an accident or was it done on purpose? Did the person lean against the door or was he pushed? and last but not leasst..why were his hands/hand covered in white paint??

As l talked mentioned earlier, the pavements were very slippery and no-one had cleared their paths or front of shops to add to the problems. When we lived in Luxembourg you were responsible for clearing your front pathway, house or shop and would be fined if you didn't. We all owned snow shovels and neighbours all helped other,especially if the person was old or lived on their own. A good idea to be started here l feel, especially after l saw this. A bar had emptied and left on the pavement by Jenny's flat all this left over ice! 

                                          An accident waiting to happen!
The Christmas tree, once decorated with many peoples contributions was being to look great. There were still people arriving as we left at 8ish [we had been there since 11 in the morning..helping to put pictures up on the wall ect and the party started at 1.30ish!] the image below, of the Christmas tree is not the end product!

At the party we had..hope no health and safety person is reading this.. indoor, l suppose you call them small fancy flares! Anyway they were very bright and l surpose could have been quite dangerous in the wrong a drunk person!! 

The eyes in the background belong to my gorgeous son Andrew! I hope you can see the firework l am talking about! Lots of light and stary sparkles and lots of fun. Just don't do this at home if you have had one too many over the limit!Hax

After we left the party, it was dark and all the Christmas lights had been turned on. This is one just a short distence from the flat. I just love this blue!
Merry Christmas everyone as it is 00:43..offically Christmas Day! oh and please note my friends, l am sober and in bed.....all presents wrapped and under the tree. Nothing for me to worry about today because Christmas Day Tony always cooks. Bless him. The best present l could ever getx!x

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