Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday was wet, wet, wet and the evening didn't get any better!

Hi......boy was it wet and cold and very miserable today...Tuesday. Yes l know it has been put up today but forgot to post yesterday! It was my first day back to work after Christmas and l had to go up to Waterloo Train Station in London. It was very strange to be on Putney Station at 12pm, lunch time, on a weekday and there were no other passengers on any of the three platforms!..weird...not a sight you will see very often, l assure you.

The other thing that struck me as unusual, was the totally empty plastic trash bags. Never during the week are they empty! My husband was down-loading these images for me yesterday and was very confused by the next image. At first he wondered why l was taking images of a plastic coffin.? Then he answered himself by say..its Lynda, why wouldn't she?1 Ha! then l pointed out to him that the image was side on! Don't you wonder about our men sometimes?!

The wait for the train was not a very pleasant experience. Cold, wet and having to wait in a covered shelter, partly open to the elements, on the train station with the rain pelting it down. I suppose l should't complain too loudly as some small stations have no shelter at all!

As the train was late , l was getting quite cold and wishing l had bought a takeaway coffee down onto the platform with me. What made it worse was the empty coffee cup at my feet from an earlier passenger, at least it wasn't from Neros!

On the train into Waterloo, sitting across from me, were a family of mum, dad, a daughter of about 4 and a son of about 2ish. They seemed to eat none stop the whole time they were on the train. they were eating when l got on a Putney, can't remember what it was exactly. Then they moved on to too bananas. That was quite funny to watch actually, the reason being the mum gave each child a partly peeled fruit. As you may or may not know, bananas once out of their skins and if they are quite large, are not very easy to control. The little boy had great difficulty and his whole hand was wobbling around following the swaying of the fruit. His big sister was killing herself laughting! Was very funny to watch, it is the time you wish you had a video cam on you! In the image below, the dad has already broken the banana in to two piece because the little boy was getting quite frustrated and was about to cry! After the fruit they hacd a chocolate biscuit and so on!!! Where do they put it all?

After l had finished work and started on my way home, the trains had begun to really fill up with people. I think people were coming back from holidays or going away for New Year. Anyway. l fought to find a seat and in the end had to stand. After a few mins the guard came along and asked if l wanted a seat? He was a New Zealander and very sweet, he took me to his seat in the guards department! I am sure if it is technically legal but it was nice to sit down. Below his is little cabin!

Can you see on the floor, beanth his seat, a load of manuals? Those are some of  the rules, regulations and instrutions a guard has to be aware of and know!! "Who would have thought it? "as my granny used to say!
By the time l had got to Putney l was dying for coffee but the shops were shut and to really rub it in, as l left the train, this was the first thing l saw on the very wet and dity platform!

One very dirty, squashed and sorry looking coffee cup! At least l had one good thing happen to wonderful husband came to pick me up in the pocket rocket, now that he is a house husband!Ha.

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