Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another days daily wandering to somewhere!

Today l decided to post another of my walks from home and end up "somewhere"! The first thing l noted was that the Hydranges were still flowering in the last week or so of December! Weird and not only that put they are usually pink and suddenly they are blue as well. I didn't think the soil could change over night! My grandmother, who died many years ago, used to have huge clusters of these bushes outside her front door. These remind me of her, every time l walk past them

As l rounded the corner past our garages l noticed a big yellow arrow has been painted on the road. The strange thing is the road by the garages is two way not one way , which is what the arrow is suggesting. Very confusing. No wonder are parcels are not arriving, the van driver can't get to the Office on the estate, as the arrow means there is no way he can get there!!!

We have a lot of different tress on the estate but my favorite is , l think. called a Plain Tree. The bark is of many beautiful colours and peals away from the trunk at this time of the year. I have peled away the bark and used it in some of my art work. It is just like paper and very flexable.

From the estate l turned to go down Wildcroft Road and it then began to snow. Not like the snow we are having at the moment...huge snowflakes and settling. This snow was sort of trying to make its mind up wether it really wanted to be snow or just fade away. Very pathetic! I mean it was not even leaving a wet mark on the pavement, to show it had been there at all!Ha! Then l heard some one coming up behind me, l moved to one side to let them pass. I couldn't believe my eyes. This lady had an umbrella up, l looked at her and she looked at me and l must have looked confused because she said, " well it might get heavier and l would get wet" and hurried on down the road!!

Further down the road, something caught my eye in the bushes, it was a black lace up boot and beside it were 2 discarded packets of cigarettes. Either some one had a good party a night or so ago, a car was being cleaned out or..something sinister happened in the woods late one night! You decide!

Then as l reached tthe bottom of Putney Hill, I loooked across the road and saw a glove sitting on the hedge. But the funny think about this glove was the way only the little finger and another finger were sticking out. Gave me an idea for a weird hand puppet. Watch this space and when l have made it, l will put it up on this blog!

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