Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visiting all things Christmas!

As it is almost Christmas, l thought l would put up some of the Christmas "things" l have seen over the last couple of days. The first image is not exactly a Christmas image but it does show the people are already going or have gone on holiday. The box at Putney Railway Station that stocks The Metro is normally empty when l go through at about 3pm on some days. Today...........almost full!!!!

Next are 2 images of wreaths that l saw on doors, while visiting my daughter. I thought how much nicer these 2 looked because they were on doors that had been painted black. Really made them stand out from the other wreaths l had seen.

The next two images are of christmas trees put up by one large company and one small company. I thought the contrast rather interesting. But thats me, l find almost everything interesting one way or another!!!

This the Christmas tree outside the Offices of Manor Fields Estate in Putney. I love this shade of calming l find.

This Christmas tree is in the lobby of a building belonging to Lloyds Bank in Spitlefields. It looks very dreamy and fairy tale like l think!
The next few images are of decorations around town. The first one is of a large blow up Santa that was advertising Christmas trees for sale in the garden of The Green Man pub in Putney.

I saw this very brave Santa Clause,while l was sitting, as a passenger in our mini,waiting for the lights to change at some road works. I yelled at my husband, "wind the window down and don't move"....."why" he yelled back....."just do it and don't move even if the lights change"! Much grumbling and window was wound down..well electically actually but you know what l mean! I managed just to get the shot before my husband was nearly lynched by a mob of irrate motorist who we had held up to take this image!!! The things my poor husband has to do for the sake of my Art!!!!!

These gorgeous stars, that actually twinkle, are in the new Spitlefields Market. you can see the spire of the church in the background of this image. Last sunday, l went to see what they had done to the new Spitlefield Market and was very upset. Why? To me it has lost its old worldly charm, it is now too modern, too organised and too commercial! Ok its warmer and there are some interesting resturants but the wonder of the place has gone.the artists with masses of work in boxes and tubs, handmade stuff that really looked hand made and the artist was there making it.The real odd characters who you were not sure what they were actually selling, the artists with recycled art and so on... in my mind it has lost its magic! End of rant!!!!
And last but not least, this years range of throwaway coffee cup designs!! The must have's for the well dressed buisness person on the train or the tube!

                                                     And a Happy Christmas to you all!!    

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lk said...

Thanks for the nice words about my SardineTins.
I do like how you see.
I've just reposted my "photographs" of some Elves for the holidays.....