Sunday, December 06, 2009

More of our Rutland trip. there were so many beautiful looking houses of all shapes and sizes. The leaves had all turned or were just turning, so the country side was a riot of colours.

There were also so many animals around, sheep, cows, horses, pigs and chickens, I am not a country girl but l must admit l am more comfortable in the country these days than l used to be. At one of the houses we went to see there was a beautiful horse. Its leather and brass were shinning and its coat appeared to be padded. In the same field were about 6 chickens running around and making a huge racket!

In one of the houses we went to see, there was a tree in the back yard that was so full of berries. Even though the tree was very heavily loaded with berries, the ground was also covered with hundreds of red berries. The ground below the tree was laid with lots of tiny stones and pebbles. I had to take a photo because it just looked so bright and merry! In fact quite Christmasy!

then we went to see some friends and they had a huge wood pile. I have never seen so much wood in one place. But it was a good place to see logs that showed you u could see how old they were. I was also surprised by all the different colours, size of rings, textures ect. I spent ages just looking at them...they fasinated me.

This household also has the most funny and colourful chickens. Even though it was bitterly cold and l could hardly feel my fingers BUT l stood and watched them for ages.

Here are to of them. I really dom think it must be my age...l am being to like the country, Me..a townie..oh dear! be very afraid!Ha!

As you know, if you read my blog sometimes, l love fungi...and on this trip to Rutland we saw a lot! I thought these were so tiny and beautifully shaped. Just like little bells. There were hundreds of them all over the field.

When l caught sight of this fungi, it was just as if l was being allowed a glimpse into another world. When my children were small about 2 and 3 years old, they used to believe that fairies lived inside fungi. They would have loved to have seen this one. i cant just hear them saying, "Oh look mummy, a fairies house and is is so sweet and it has a staircase up the middle. Both my two had/have amazing imaginations and kept each other amused for hours with made up stories. Happy memories.

At the back of the house, which my son hopes to rent, there was a large field and in it was 4 Jacob sheep. They are beautiful animals with brown, cream, black and white wool. Also at the back of the field was a stable with a horse in it.

I saw this beautiful fungi at the base of a tree when photographing another sort of fungi. I thought it really was a drawstring purse....Then realised it was a fungi..velvet but spongy to touch. I must find out what it is called.  It really is a beautiful deep velvet photoshopping l promise. I wish l could have dug it up and bought it home.

As we were just about to leave the area, we came across Burley Court. The main house had been turned into flats. The main house was in a curve shape (like the cresent in Bath) and had been converted into flats with a lot of style. When l looked at this image l had taken of the old main gate, l decided to redo it in Black and White....made it feel really old and some how instyle with the house. Lucky people to live in such splendor.
Had been a busy day but well worth the visit. It gave my son and his new wife, a better idea of where they are going to live and what they really wanted.

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Shay said...

Your photos are lovely... I especially like the last one - the black and white gate. Beautiful!