Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackberries, snails, cigerettes and pressed flowers!

Hello! haven't been out much this week as l have spent a lot of time creating new Art..go to  and see what l have been up to with my Silkpainting.  Tomorrow l will show you some journal work and some larger pieces of Silkpainting!!!!!!
Today, on the way home from Putney, l went Blackberry picking. Along Wildcroft Road, there are loads of blackberry brambles, from which I picked for supper, some for the freezer and some for dying some material for my textile work. It is the first time l have used blackberries to dye textiles. See the results here!

And this is thin cotton, dyed in blackberries and not washed yet!
Well anyway.....while l was collecting blackberries, l saw this seemed to be watching me..yeh l know strange! Actually talking about you do..l heard about a report on Radio 4, that is asking if snails return home to the same place, each night? They are asking people to swop their garden snails with neighbours and see what happens!! Wonder how they mark them...paint, nail varnish..the mind boggles?

The next image, shows a blackberry leaf which has snail slime on it. The only reason l noticed it, was the sun shinning on the slime, made it glitter. Looks a bit like frost actually!
Once again, as l was picking blackberries, l noticed this bottle...Joop! What a strange place to find an empty Homme perfume bottle!
The other strange thing l noticed today, was the number of tobacco packets l found on myway home. This one must home fallen out of some-one's car, or perhaps from some-one's pocket. Not only was it a full tobacco pouch but also had tips in it and papers!
This Amber Leaf packet was just in side the woods, it wasn't empty either!!!
Once again....another full packet on Wildcroft Rd...must be an awful lot of careless smokers around!hax
While l was walking home, l also picked many different flowers, to press them for my textile work.


Angie said...

Think maybe the tobacco fell off the back of a truck?!! Great photos again. Hope the blackberry die stays in.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a cool thing to do Lynda! (The blackberry dye, not dropping the cigarette crud)! We have wild blackberries by the bushel back in Oregon -- I'm going to forward your post to my daughter there.