Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Not a good day but l am trying folks.

Today l didn't go anywhere..why you ask? Well...the black dog appeared today. In other words, my depression was visiting today and l was NOT good. One reason l am being so public, is because l think that having depression is nothing to be ashamed about. The more we talk about it, the more it becomes "out there" in the public domain! Tony, bless his heart was wonderful and just left me in bed and didn't stress me about getting up ect. Sorry love!!
So, as l feel a little better this evening, l am just going to put up some images that l think l may have not published before, or ones l think deserve to be shown again!
The first image, is from a time when Tony had an allotment..happy times. He decided to give it up because it took up too much of our weekend. The reason being, as he worked such long hours during the week, he was unable to do anything in the evenings. It was a shame, fresh veg, blackberries, rhubarb and lots of fresh air. Tony loved it there but when it started to be a chore..thats the time to leave. We can always go back to it, if the time become right again. The best thing would be to have a garden, big enough to have an "allotment" there..roll on a lottery win!

When l was in town (London) the other day, l went to have a coffee in one of my favorite Nero's! Oh! not only has my favorite book shop, Borders, been closed down opposite, now my coffee shop has gone too. They have knocked it can they do that with out telling me first?! The image below, is the view from my favorite seat in the now knocked down shop, you could watch the world go by!!!!I am NOT a happy bunny!
One of my favorite cities to visit, is Amsterdam. The image below, is one you won't see in many tourist guides, it is on the way to Ann Frank's House. The monument is called "Homomonument" and was designed by Karin Daanand. It looks back on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender histories and also looks forward to the future. It consists of three, pinkish granite triangles that together make up one giant triangle.  The triangles are joined by a line of pink bricks, that are linked across a road and into a church's backyard. If l have wetted your appetite about this simple but l think, beautiful monument, just google it, there is a lot of info about it out there. There is one thing that makes me giggle thouth, when ever l look at this image. Behind the sign that says "Homomonument" is an open-air men's public french called a "pissoir" l think...very comical to me! Reminds me of Peter Seller's type of comedy!
Another thing about Amsterdam, which fasinates me, is their amount of amazing graffiti. It is every where and always very bright and colourful.
The image below is of a cup of coffee l had in a small cafe in Amsterdam, which was one of the best l have ever had but l have forgotten it's name..but l could take you there!!
The next two images are of them. They are often quite difficult to take images of and l am quite pleased with these two examples. They were taken in Richmond Park l seem to remember.

The sign below, is one l saw when in a covered market in Bristol. I just love it, it was for sale but unfortunetly l didn't have enough money on me, at the time, to buy it! The stall-owner told me, that it did actually come from New it says on the sign! um!!!!
The next image, is of a man l saw sitting on the floor, in Waterloo Train Station. I do like tattoos, but l often wonder what people think of their designs, when they get older! When you are young, they do look great but when they get older, l wonder how they feel then, l wonder? I know a few people, who are now in their 50's, who wish they had thought a bit more about where they had them, when having them done, all those years ago. I expect there are people, who will always love their tattoos but when you know how difficult it is to remove them, maybe there should be more info about that, at the Parlours themselves...just a thought. 

A year or so ago, l went to a Medieval Jousting Festival in Kent. It was an amazing day and l thought l had written about it in one of my blogs..but l can't find it! Maybe, l will do a blog about it tomorrow. It was so much fun, loads of colours, action and so much to see. One of the side events was all about Falconry. The next two images are of birds involved in the show. Just beautiful and as l have a thing about feathers...l was in heaven! Ha!

At the end of the Jousting Show, the children were encouraged to come into the ring and parade around with the Knights. A lot of children were dressed up to come to the was amazing to see how parents had spent time, effort and in some cases money, on getting their children to be part of the whole day. This little chap below, really took the whole thing very seriously and was marching correctly and did everything the knights were the children to do. It was so sweet to watch. Wonder what this little boy will do when he grows up? Interesting thought.
The last two images are from birds in Kew Gardens. I love peacocks with their gorgeous feathers and oh! the colours. But there is something special about a white peacock! No colours but somehow it still shines...just so magical. When l watch them spread their feathers and start to perform their tail shaking dance....l believe in magic!
These ducks have wonderful feathers and when the light catchs them in a certain way..they shimmer and shine in amazing ways. Isn't Nature wonderful?


Beach House Living said...

I would have liked to see the Falcon section of the show...

Sorry your not up to par. Hope you find the path back to feeling your self soon.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

First of all I'm sorry that you had to entertain that particular visitor. I agree that being open about it is the best thing you can do for others and, hopefully, help yourself at the same time.

Secondly, I enjoyed all the pictures -- didn't know what you meant by 'allotment' at first, but figured it out. (Sometimes, we do speak two different languages--I made a list when we visited London of new to me terms/usages, but that was one I hadn't heard.)

Feel better soon. Thanks for the multi-city tour. I enjoyed it immensely.

Anonymous said...

I call it the Dark Side and my hubby calls it DP (his gramma's way of saying depression). Big part of being creative, I think. And part of who we are, which adds to our adventures!

Thank you for sharing with us. Hope you're feeling more yourself today and taking more beautiful photos!!

lynda Howells said...

Thank you for your thoughts..they helpxx yes l agree, l reckon depression and being creative go hand in hand!xxlynda

ArtPropelled said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the photo tour. I always find photos of cups of coffee quite comforting.... which is probably weird but for some reason it makes me feel like putting my feet up and watching the world go by. Hope you are feeling a lot better.