Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day-out to Bristol.

A  while ago, Tony and l went to bristol for the day. The day was VERY bright and it wasn't till later, when l got home, l realised my camera was not working correctly.  Therefore, the image are not quite right..too bright in many cases but l decide to show them anyway, as Bristol is such an intersting place. I hope to go back soon, with a camera that is working correctly!
The first image is an amazing sculture on one of the bridges! They look like large hearing aid horns to me or actually they could be the big fog horns on ships or ships chimmneys!

Now this is what l call Urban Nature!
Um ...Trantic is that the same as Trantric sex? if so..the mind boggles!Ha
Can't remember what this building was called, annoyed that l can't remember, but l think the colour and the design is so beautiful and stylish.
This image holds no candle to the above building but these pigeons seem happy with their chose of home!
We were wandering around one of the markets and came across this Arabic style restaurant...the food and the surroundings were great. Such a colourful and wonderful smelling place!
So ofter we had eaten, we decided to go for a boat ride round the harbour area. It seemed very weird to be so love in the water!
There were several boats on the water and quiter a few different styles too.
There were many interesting things to see along the way and we were told loads of interesting "historial" titbits by the boat captain. The image below, is one of the images that is not right...colour saturation is all wrong....the colours were actually deep reds, blues and yellows..not these wishy washy colours you are seeing below!

Wash day is the same every where it seems!!!!!

An another mural..this one was a scene from Bristol itself...beautiful colours and very well painted.
This guy had found a very private and peaceful place to read his book. Saw him as we motored past his reading place way above the waterway!

More washing on display..the boats both appeared to have children onboard, by what was hanging on the line. Wonder how they keep them safe on the water, children l mean? I suppose it could be safety lines and net round the boat itself.

One of the many "sites" to be seen on the tour of the habour.

It was such a lovely day, people were having their lunch hours sitting on the canal sides and there was lauhter and noise every where.
One of the rings that was used to tie up the boats to the quay side.
It was a wonderful day and one of the main reasons l went, was to see the Arnolfini Art Gallery ( place, which now it has been redesiged and is now bigger, brighter and very modern.

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Anonymous said...

Bristol is probably Tigger's favourite city and I agree it has a lot to offer. We have been there quite often both on courier runs and on our own initiative.

If you go again, maybe you would like to visit Brunel's SS Great Britain. It is a fascinating ship and a monument to Brunel and the great Victorian engineers.