Monday, August 23, 2010

The journey home from the Christening in Essex.....

The first image is of one of the buildings being built for the Olympics! Nice shape l think.

I thought this graffiti was very pretty..
These flowers are all along the middle of the road, where my daughter lives in Islington. They are very beautiful and l think really change the atmosphere of the place.
I really like the bracelet on this guy"s wrist. Actually l wonder if boys/men call it a bracelet or something more "Manly" Ha!
l saw this poster on a wall ...l think it is amazing! It haunted my dreams last night.
Yet another amazing, colourful graffit that you can find in and  around London. love this city!
A really pretty image on this shutter, really cheers the area up.
 The grey sky really made the gold stand out on this London bridge. See, some times a grey sky is useful to an Artist.
What a cheerful way to brighten up the street outside your pub.
"Huston..we have a problem"!!! maybe this spaceman should have used a Sat-Nav!Ha! I hadn't noticed this model before..thought it was very funny!

The above image is one l really like. It shows one of the many reasons l love living in London.....Multicultural living!

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