Friday, August 20, 2010

Part of my life as an artist!

As promised yesterday...some more silk painting.....first design with gutta..then let the colours follow! Once finished and dried, you need to either iron it for 15 mins or place it  in a tumble dryer for 15 mins to fix it and it is ready to be framed. Always back with white paper before framing, as this makes the colours even more vibrant! ( see more at my Art blog

The marks on this one are created by using sea salt!
On my Art blog   l have been asking myself the question.."Why do l blog about my Art"? For example, does it matter if no one see it? My answers were many but one answer was.."If l want to start to sell my work again, then "Yes" l need people to see my work. The next question.."How do you get people to see your Art and your blog"? Well that's a whole new blog depate for another day....but any suggestions will be greatly received !

Now back to this blogs normal contents...daily adventures and things that l love, surprise me or l just find fasinating!
I have always loved looking at the sky. Clouds fasinate me, even though l don't always know what they are called or what there presence means to the weather forecast. The following few images are ones l have captured on our way up to and back down from Rutland..visiting Andrew and Gemma. So will say Goodnight and leave you with three beautiful evening sky images!

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