Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wandering in The Junior Mr and Mrs. Howell's garden!

Hi everyone,
Before l carry on writing about our "restful" few days in Rutland, (which actually were not as restful as we had hoped! long story!) l want to say something to all my wonderful followers. Thank you for sending me such nice messages and trying to cheer me up, concerning my Depresstion. I am getting better, but it will always be sitting on my shoulder as it is hormona!. As long as l keep fighting, have my doctor's help, have the support of my amazing husband and children and my blogging will NOT win.  Thanksxxxxxxxx

The first image for this blog, may make you think l am on a beach somewhere, maybe Brighton! But is the stoney area around Andrew and Gemma's herb garden!.....just as interesting though as Brighton's stoney beach!

Tony and Andrew went off today, to go and get some chicken wire, to puppy proof their garden..for their new arrival, which should be here in a week or so.

Wonder which one will will choose on the day? They are gorgeous arn't they?
The butterflies, bees and wasps are numberous in their garden, it is a little Wildlife Haven. I spent about 2 hours just wandering round, trying to catch some images that l had not been able to catch yesterday. I think l had better sucess today, then l did decide. In any case, l was really enjoying myself...l forgot to have lunch!

Love the delicacy of seeds on the wind. When l was little l use to think these little wisps of threads, were fairies!
This poor butterfly looks as if it had a large bite taken out of its wings, in one big munch! I wonder if it alters how it flys?

The images below, show my son and husband using the wire they bought earlier this morning, to puppy proof the garden, not an easy job. Lots of swearing and shouting but they did eventually do it and it looks great. The proof will be when the puppy arrives and actually tests the fence! They pick their puppy next weekend! Very exciting.!

I love daisies and l these big ones are gorgeous when in bloom and even prettier when they are just the seed heads, l think anyway. They are all along the fence between next doors garden and theirs. The lady next door has the most amazing garden and is what l think you would call..A Gardener!

Not sure what this plant/tree is called but think it is gorgeous. It does looks a little like what l used to call, "Old Man's Beard" when l was child.
The next image is not a good one but just wanted to show you this wondeful lichen on the apple tree. The yellow is just vivid and pastel green is just stunning.
A spider has caught something in its web, but l don't think it will want to eat it!
The colours on this tree are very vivid and colourful, and the image will be a reminder for me, when l eventually get to do a painting of it.

And to end this blog, somethink l wrote about yesterday...the wasp problem!Question:  "Did the wasp killer jar work?"... Answer:... "YES" you can see from the image below. What l don't understand is this. Why when the jar is full of dying wasps, why don't they warn the in-coming wasps? In this image you can see one wasp going in and another on the inside of the jar!

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Darling puppies! Hard to choose. Those wasps are awful -- I tried to ignore them on your last post '>). But your son and dil's place just looks lovely and warm and wonderful in spite of them.