Sunday, August 22, 2010

A christening and a jar of jam!

Today, Tony and l went to the Christening, of my children's Godfather's baby son Maksim. The weather was not sunny and rainned quite a lot!! As you can see from the next image the sky was definity grey!!
Going across London Bridge was a treat..hardly any traffic but lots of tourists!
I think this next image is quite dramatic....grey sky, pylons and a wind turbine! much steel and dramatic grey!
This next image is not a good one, because it was taken from a fast moving mini. But l wanted to show the birds sitting on the lamp posts all along the road. They looked very threatening, memories of Hitchcock's film, "Birds" .
The next image is of Maksim and his father Richard, in the church....looking a little confused about the whole think. Maksim actually went to sleep and had to be woken to have water poured on his head, he was not amused!
He was at one point, given a Bible to distract him, l was amused to see him start to turn the pages!
A very happy mum, Irina, having been given the Christening candle to celebrate the Maksim's Baptism.
The Stockdale family!
My daughter's amazing killer heals! Love them!
A smile from the boy himself.
The Stockdale family plus my two children, who are Richard's Godchildren.

Just a lovely family image.
The last image is a special one.....home-made jam by Gemma! If you have been following my blog, you will have seen all the fruit trees, in Gemma and Andrew's garden......this is one of the results of all that fruit!

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