Sunday, August 01, 2010

A short walk on Wimbledon Common.

Went for a gentle walk today, as l still can't get my walking boots on yet, because of my bruised foot. So flipflops it had to be, not the best for walking in. We walked to The Windmill on Wimbledon Common, had a nice cup of tea, small piece of cake and then walked back again..great fun.
I know we are having or have had, a very dry Summer but l was surprised to see we now have a "beach"round Kingsmere pond!
This part of the pond looks as if a bit of "mayhem" may have happen here!
So glad to see there are still some "babies" left in the pond.
Wimbledon Common now looks beautiful as the purple heather is now out and popping up between grasss and the ferns.

As we came round a bend in the path, we came across this sight. It was as if this girl, with this ring of flowers in her hair, was floating through the grass...where was Puck? It appeared to be some sort of film shoot, l think, judging by the size of the photographer's lens we saw!!!
The next image is the first fungi l saw on our walk. At first l didn't see it, as it blended in with the surrounding beautifully. Looks like a paper flower doesn't it? Thanks to Tony, who bought me a guide to British mushrooms and toadstools, l can tell you it is called a "Collared Earthstar".
The next image is of another fungi, which was on the same Silver Birch but on the other side of the trunk. I have never seen one like this before, l think it is called a Black Bulgar..but not sure. How does one find out what it's called?...a black thing that looks like dog poo!!!!!...didn't bode well for me finding out what it was called! Actually, when l had found what it was, realised l had seen this fungi before but an older version, where it is flatter and more slimy!

The reason the next image is here, is because l love the colours and also because it reminds me of rust...and l love rust!
When you look for shapes in Nature, you actually start to see certain shapes everywhere. One of those shapes is hearts, which seem to appear alot in tree trunks. This one is beautiful l think.
Then just around the corner, believe it or not..another heart!!! Told you, you see them every where when you start looking out for them or not, as the case maybe!!!! Anyway, think it maybe called Woolly Oyster...didn't realise there were SO many mushrooms and toadstools in Britain!!!
The image below is something that stood out a mile.......looks like an eye doesn't it? I always feel l am being watched when l walk in woods...maybe l am!!
This next image is of a variety of slime mould called 'Fuligo sepitca var flava' and it is usually seen on dead wood, although this tree didn't seem dead to me! It seldom remains in good condition for more than a day or so. So we were very lucky to see this today, tomorrow it may well be gone! It is so vivid!
This next image is of an orange band on the branch of a tree. Now normally, l would think it was a sign for say Hash House Harriers or some other running or orientation group but that high up and right inside a way! So any ideas what it might mean people?
Looking at the next image, will tell you why my hayfever is so bad at the moment. I love these thistles but they play havoc with my allergies!
A few months ago, the lean-tos on the Common, all seemed to have been taken down, l assumed by the Commons staff! I thought it was such a shame. Actually, thinking about it, l suppose the staff don't want homeless people living in them. Anyway, today we found at least  2 new ones, this one and the image below that. Hurry!

As l said at the start of this blog, l have to wear flip-flops because of my bruised foot. Well on the way much loved flip-flop broke! Not good at the best of times but in the middle of the woods..certainly not good for my poor soft foot!!!!
I love and collect feathers but decided that this one should stay where it was..on the ground in the woods. Why... not sure, except sometimes it is right to leave nature alone!

Just as we were leaving the limping (Ha!)......we saw this couple coming towards us, she was running and he...was riding a scooter. Not something you see everyday!
I'm so's blackberry time again. On our way home, we found some that had turned black, so we filled a disposable tea cup with them ( that we just happened to have on one does!) and then this evening..we had them with apples and custard..yummy!
The last image made our day! As we came out of the wood, on the side of the A3, look what we saw sitting on a lamppost! We think it is a Kestrel and very beautiful!

Night folksx


Beach House Living said...

The collared earthstar is interesting looking. I think things like that make interesting photos. Thanks for sharing. Hope your foot heals shortly.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Wonderful images..thanks for taking us along on your jOurney!Warmest Regards,Cat

soraya nulliah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I really love the images here-so peaceful and lush. I would just love to live in the country somewhere like this-it would be heaven. Your other blog is not working BTW-it said no such blog exists. Maybe a computer glitch but I thought you may want to know.

lynda Howells said...

oops..sorry Soraya..gave you the right blog address..just missed the letter e out! dyslexia rules!Hax it should have read
thanks for pointing that out to me. Hope you enjoy it when you get therexxlynda
Thanks cat and Beach House Living( for always returning`) for reading my blogsx