Friday, August 06, 2010

Vintage cars on the village green!

The first image on today's blog, is of Pippa, the most adorable dog l have seen for a long time. She belongs to friend's of Andrew and Gemma's. Pippa is huge, bounces every where and is as soft as a brush! She is a Great Pyrenean Moutain Dog! On the offical site, it says they should be white...don't think anyone told Pippa that! Look at those eyes, they are so bright and full of life.
We arrived at my son's house yesterday, had supper and then discover, low and behold, The Annual Vintage Car Rally was happening on the village green that evening..... Fantastic fun. Tony was in his element. Every time certain cars started up, he'd say.."Stop talking..shh..listen to that engine"!

Not a good photograph but l had to show you the E Type Jag..what a beautiful shape!!!!!That's the green one, just in case you are wondering which car l am talking about!

Can't remember what it was called, but the car this hare belongs to..passed it MOT only that morning, so it's owner was very proud of himself. The other funny thing was, people kept calling the mascot a rabbit and you would hear him say..sharply and get more and more irritated by the minute, "Please note, it is a Hare, NOT a rabbit, don't insult the car". Men and their toys!

Even delivery vans in years gone by, looked better then than they do today..they had more style!
The black car, on the left of the image, is l think, the same as our elderly female doctor used to own. Dr. Celia Townsend, was my doctor when l was expecting Jenny, my first child. Celia was a character and so supportive to me, when Tony was away so much, with the Army. She had a huge standard poodle, which used to sit beside her in the car, when she came out visiting her patients. It also used to sit at her feet, in her consulting rooms, did smell abit, l seem to remember. No health and safety in those far of days!

The care these guys take over their cars and the engines is amazing. All the time, love and money  lavished over a car..poor wives and children! One woman ( must have been about 70, l reckon) told me, the only time her husband spend any money on her, was for an outfit for her to wear, so that she matched the car and was allowed to  attend a particular Car Rally, with him!!!
The car below,which is a Riley, was taken because Tony, wants to send the image to his uncle in New Zealand. The reason being, Ian, his uncle, had one similar to this, which he used to talk about in very loving terms!
When Tony first joined the Army, he used his uniform allowence (shh! don't tell anyone) to buy a car, so he could come and see me. That car was called a Singer Gazella and we called it "Caruso" and the image below is such a car. Not ours of course..that went to the carpark in the sky, many years ago. OH HAPPY MEMORIES!

Don't you love the tartan seat covers on this old car? stylish!
The car below, is painted in the most amazing colour green and with all the wood bits beautifully polished. Must be a treat to be driven around in, especially if you were allowed to sit in the "dicky" seat that unfolded at the back of the car!.

I think the last image, is one of my favorite cars of the evening...the shape, the colour and just the sheer style it oozes!
What a treat! 


dosfishes said...

Huge dog indeed. Wow, all my four would add up to him. Great car pics, but I love the tractor! Thanks so much for your comments. Corrine

Erwin Calverley said...

The E-Type Jag and the car in the second-to-last picture are my favorites in the bunch. It’s so cool that so many people turned out for this classic car rally. It really is like looking back into the annals of automobile history. The evolution of cars is definitely something to behold.