Monday, August 30, 2010

A day in London and a visit to the Natural History Museum.

On Saturday, l went to meet some close friends, in the National History Museum. As l left home, l saw some fungi had come up over night..Autumn is coming my friends!!
My goodness, the leaves are turning and beginning to fall as well..Summer appears to be coming to an end! Such a shame!
Once in London, l had an hour or so to spare, so l had a wander to China Town, where l saw high up on the wall, this beautiful Lion Dragon.
At first, l was quite surprised to see this man walking very quickly across the main road...a convict on the run! Ha. Actually he works for a museum round the corner!
Along one of the streets there were many market stalls selling hats, clothes and other things. Anyone for a hat?

One of the stalls sold healthy could actually cut your own grass!......
I caught sight of these two lovely, colourful ladies..made me smile!
London is full of colourful characters and here are 3 of them.......although l think that maybe they play on their...differences, if you look at the last of the next four images...and see the sign that is held up! A way to raise money, l suppose!

Then it was time to go meet my friends at the National History Museum. l love this place especially the Dinosaurs!

The Cocoon, is a new building that houses exhibitions and also you can see the researchers and curators at work, in their offices etc. The next image is taken from the lift as it reached the top of the Cocoon.
The next image, is taken from one of the floors in the Cocoon, across to the offices. As it was late in the evening the offices etc. were empty! Must come here during the day, the whole place fascinated me!
The next two images are of specimens that l would like to use in my Art at a later date. This place is full of amazing objects that inspire me.

I had a wonderful afternoon and would like to thank Lesley Ann, her children and friends for a wonderful visit.

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In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow..thank you so much for taking us along on your wonderful day!!I always tell hubby how great it is to meet people from different places in the world(in blog world) and for just one experience what they experiece.Warmest Regards,Cat