Saturday, January 15, 2011

Andrew and Alfie visit!

My son and his dog Alfie (about 6months old) came to visit us for the afternoon. Tony and the pair went to the Wimbledon Common Windmill for a walk and then came home. Andrew went to town and left Alfie with us for a couple of hours. "Don't worry, after that walk he will go to sleep." said Andrew. 'Famous last words' comes to mind! The problem was, no-one told Alfie that!!! He wanted to play, he was not tired. How people manage with dogs or children in flats, with no garden, l have no idea.
Alfie went to the front door and we thought he wanted the toilet, as this is what he does at home. Tony went and put on his outside clothes ...took quite a while..all ready. Ok..lead on.

Suddenly he, meaning Alfie decides he doesn't want to go now!
Alfie it took Tony ages to put this lot are going out. Ha!

Tony took him he didn't want to "wee" he wanted to go and play outside! Poor Tony and it was raining and getting dark. Once home he decided he still was not tired and so decided to tear apart his blanket! Well he is still a puppy folks.
He was so pleased to see his dad. he loves his "grandparents" but there is nothing like your dad is there?
Love his fur. Alfie can get really dirty then a few minutes later he is clean again. That is why you do not shampoo him. There are substances in his fur that means the dirt seems to just disappear!
How can you resist those eyes?x
See what l mean about the dirt almost running off him?..he  had been out in the mud and yet here he is with white paws and we have not cleaned or brushed him!
His tail is amazing. When he was younger, he couldn't control his long tail. It was very cute and funny to watch.
Cuddles for cute to watch.
Quite a team these two and totally devoted to each other.

Not that l am totally besotted you understand! Ha. It is funny actually because l have never been an animal lover but Alfie has started to change my views. Love the dog x


Tina said...

Hi Lynda, what a gorgeous adorable dog alfie is, i can see the puppy in him. I now have an 11 week old golden retriever. Hope you're well. xx

layers said...

Puppies can be a lot of work-- like having a baby at times- or a young child though a child can tell you what they want - you have to figure out what your dog wants and sometimes we guess wrong- have fun with your puppy.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

He's a gorgeous dog, but I'm exhausted just reading this post!

Forgot to say that in the yellow line post, your pictures of all the deer in the second part of the post were amazing -- that is a LOT of them.