Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Yellow Line and scaring the deer!.

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For quite a while now, one of my many projects has been to photograph objects on "Yellow Lines". For those of you not living in UK, the yellow lines mean you cannot park your car here. Anyway, l am making a book on this subject titled, "On a Yellow Line". Here are a very small selection of things l have found. l have hundreds of images and am at the moment working out which ones to choose for the book!

I have to admit that l did move this snail, after l had taken his photograph. I would have felt so guilty if he had been run over!

Unfortunately, people, not everyone, seem to use our roads as waste bins, even when there is a bin next to their car!

I have not decided yet what form the book will take. I don't just want a "book" of images and there will be a twist to will just have to wait and see!

Although there are deer in Richmond Park, dogs are allowed off their leads, as long as they are under control.

Tony and l were sitting on a fallen tree trunk eating our sandwiches when we saw this large Doberman and his owner. The reason we noticed them was the Doberman seemed very interested in the deer and was not on a lead. The owner was just holding the dog's collar, suddenly..whoosh..the Doberman was off and running!
 There goes a deer and off went the Doberman. No quiet!

 The dog went into the "round-up" mode at such a speed. The owner was shouting and shouting but the Doberman just kept on running. The dog was hearing nothing and just concentrating on the deer.

 All these deer running and yet there was still NO NOISE!

There was no way he would get his dog back for ages! That Doberman kept running and so did the deer. I was worried the deer were going to be injured as they were running so fast, over uneven ground and tree studded area.

The deer ran across the road, chased by the dog and up into the trees. The deer split into two groups. one stayed in the woods and the Doberman carried on chasing the other half. At this point, we lost sight of all of them but did see a police car going after the chase. Quite a bit later we saw the man and his dog, they were getting into a car! The owner sure looked tired, he is lucky the police didn't catch him!
Just to end this blog, a happy sight. I love robins.


La Dolce Vita said...

amazing photos!!

Lynda Howells said...

thank youx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Cool Lynda~ Keep us posted on how the book is coming along. Amazing what you have found.