Monday, January 31, 2011

Today we walked a different way into Putney.

This is just paint which has been thrown against this green, metal post but with the sun shinning on it.....beautiful.
 The light when l took this image was very strange and l think it makes the image look quite creepy!
This container has four mirrored sides and a wooden top and bottom and appears to have been abandoned here at the Underpass. Why here l wonder? It is not near houses or shops and it is quite solid and heavy. The mind boggles! Ha!
 A company or sign writer with a sense of humour. Look at the first sentence!
 How do l know this is a Manx cat........?
It has no tail! It was a very friendly cat and no matter how much l tried to take an image of it's beautiful kept curling itself around my feet and purring.
This makes me SO cross. How difficult is it to put it in a bin?
When we lived in Papua New Guinea, we often saw cars,vans and buses covered with white mud handprints. This was the way certain tribes showed they were in mourning for some one. To see this on a tree in Putney....!!!!


Tin Can Tart said...

I also am so annoyed by rubbish it has got so bad I come back from dog walking more stressed than when I started

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nobody takes pictures like you do!

The sign made me laugh

Lynda Howells said...

I agree with you tin can tart!xx
Sallie, thank you for your generous wordsxxlynda