Saturday, January 08, 2011

A walk through the woods and a box of doughnuts!

Today Tony and I went down to buy a Saturday newspaper from the kiosk down by The Green Man pub. I know the snow damaged a lot of roads but "this" road l was surprised was still like this today! This is a VERY busy road on a main bus route. These holes are huge but don't look deep because of being filled with water. We stood and watched as a poor L driver drive straight into them..ouch!

After buying the paper we went through the woods, to go and pick up some fungi covered branches. To understand this, go to  and see what l have been and will be doing with these pieces of wood!
The next image is the first piece of fungi we found growing in the woods. As it was warmer and damp we thought we might see some....and we did!

 As you can see from this image we have had a lot of rain in the last few days. Other place in UK have snow and we have rain..typical.
 I really like Bracken even when it has died back and become brown. Mainly l suppose because there are so many different shades of brown in each plant .
Wow..these fungi (or are they lichen? better go and check) just stood out and are so beautiful. I am surprised to see them on a living tree as before l have only seen them on decaying trunks .

I always think that lichen and fungi on a tree trunk add colour and texture.  At the bottom of the tree in the next image, I found  a fungus I had only seen in a decaying state before but this time....see what we found.

 Can you see it?
 Isn't it beautiful? It reminds me of the images that you see of say.... a planet. (eg Jupiter)
We came across this Silver Birch and found that it is split down the centre of one of it's trunks. I am surprised it appears not to be suffering from it.

The Commoners who look after this Conservation Area are pruning trees at the moment. How do l know this, well...Tony and l played detective! There are bundles of branches lying around, like the one in the image below and you can see where the branches have been cut. To me it seems a strange time but Tony told me, " You can prune anytime before the sap starts to rise again" there!
Just as we got home, the sight we saw outside the really big, expensive and gorgeous houses opposite our 1930's flats made us giggle..hope it makes you smile!

Oh one more thing...for my parents as l know they read this blog.... My parents gave Tony a voucher from Tesco for money off for a dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts...yummy. Yesterday, we succumbed to buying a box of 12 (rather than the usual 3 or 4) and decided we would eat a few then give the rest to the children downstairs..... However, as you will see from the image below, the children never got a look in. Maybe a long walk is called for tomorrow?!!


layers said...

hello Lynda from England-- I have been to London and Edinburgh this past year and loved it there. You have amazing pictures of the woods and yes even the fungi is beautiful

lynda Howells said...

Wish l had kn ow you were over here, would have loved to have met you. I have followed and subscribed to your blog for a long time. I found your work amazing and also often calming.xxthanks for visiting my image blog. I also have an Art blog which l saw my experiments with Natural dying, tree wrapping, silkpainting, altered objects, making books, embrodiery and oh so much more!xx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Ha Lynda that's funny at the end -- poor kids downstairs ;<. I'm envious that you can walk to town like that through beautiful scenery -- and end up where you can buy a dozen donuts. The only time we've ever been able to that in our lives was when we stayed in London for 3 months. We're always too far out in the country. People walk more in big cities!