Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jan give-away, cupcakes and fungi!

Before l start, pop over to see this wonderful artist's blog...she is also hosting a Jan 2011 giveaway and it is all all beautiful. good luck...then COME BACK AND VISIT ME AGAIN.....pleasexxx

This is not going to be a long blog today as although we went out, we ended up at the cinema in Wimbledon. Guess what we saw..and please note no children with us!... Chronicals of Narnia. It was fantastic but l think it is right to put a PG rating on it because l reckon 7 is the youngest age that should see it. That sea serpent is not friendly and definitely VERY scary!
Guess what l found on our doorstep yesterday...a parcel and three of these gorgeous cupcakes. I know you can only see 1 but we eat the other two quite quickly. They were made by a young boy downstairs called Alex, who incidentally l helped deliver, when l was a Doula.

The parcel contained a very sweet furry owl from my parents! Two nice surprise in one day.
As you can see from the image below today started off with blue skies but by the time we came home it was sleeting and very cold!

The only other images l took today were of..guess what?..fungi! Those who visit often will not be surprised. I am still amazed to see fungi when it is so cold and wet. These are growing behind fences and gates in our local water treatment station grounds. Took these through the fence before you thunk l actually climbed the do know me well.... It was too cold to wait around or climb fences today. "Thank goodness" l can hear Tony saying!

Beautiful aren't they?...unusuall for me to find green fungi.

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Kathy said...

Hi Lynda, About the scavenger hunt ... just take your photographs and post them on your blog at the end of January. I'll try and set up a linky on my blog and everyone can link up there. Lots of people are joining in ... it's not an official thing we're just doing it for a bit of fun!
Nice to meet you ... you look like you're well on your way with the photographs you've already taken!
Love Kathy xxx