Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Spring has sprung", looking and a mini flood!

"Spring has sprung" as the saying goes. Everywhere around me the trees are budding and a few trees are even flowering / blossoming, as the images below show. It is still only January!

 Plum tree.
 Love the raindrop on this bud.

 Crab Apples
I know petrol is "bad" for the enviroment but when mixed with water, it is so beautiful!

When you are out and about look in places you wouldn't normally look. For example, would you expect to see this "mini" enviroment on a curb on a busy road ?
Another example is this worm moving along the road and in a puddle. It was fascinating watching him change direction and go forward with his "backside", if you see what l mean? As it moved, using the back as the front, it flattened about 1 inch and became wider. Very strange to watch.
 This is the same worm having moved onto the yellow line and as it was not moving or stretching, it looked so much smaller and thicker! These creatures are amazing
Not a very good image but the story is funny. Don't know what bird the nest belongs too but there were two Magpies flying round and round it, fighting each other. The noise was very loud and l stood and watched them for about 10 mins. Eventually a crow turned up and chased them both away.!

Just in case you think l live in this wonderful country place...which l do but... the following 2 images will show you l live 10 mins or so from the centre of town! Ha. 

On the road up to my flat, commuters park their cars here from early morning to late at night.....good oppurtunities for thieves! Shame.
On a happier note. This Kestrel has been around our area for a while but this is the first time l have managed to get an image. Not a good one but at least you can see what it is.
On the way home, l had been photographing some fungi (show these at a later date) and noticed this wall. This is a very light green for this particular moss and lichen. Very pretty though on this very dull day.
 I know this can't be called a flood, if compared to Australia or Brazil but in my Estate..this is not good! So sorry if l upset anyone..sorry.

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