Monday, January 03, 2011

Fog bound journey and a wet few days.

On our way back to Putney..this is what we faced all the way home...FOG!

Remember from the last blog, the pheasants Andrew bought home and l photographed?'s one that got away!
Once home, we need to go shopping, as we needed food. This was what we saw, as we went to collect the car from the garage. Beautiful!

Before the snow came, l had found several fungi, which l was surprised about, as l thought it was too cold. So after the snow, l came back to see if they had survived and l was surprised....they all survived as you are about to see.

I was so surprised but happy they were all still there. And as the snow was melting, the water on the leaves is so pretty.
A Christmas Tree was thrown away in the woods..what a shame...!
A dancing tree along Wildcroft Road..just love this tree.
Another thrown away Christmas Tree.
It is so unusual to see a leaf become a skeleton and still be attached to the tree.
Dead leaf and raindrops.
In the newspaper the other day, it was reported that adults and children were not eating oranges anymore because it they were so difficult to peel. I don't think that is the case around Putney, there is orange peel all over the place!
I love looking at raindrops on branches...they sparkle so.
Goodness me, it is only just Jan and the trees are already in bud!
These trees give me the creeps...they seem to grow while you watch them. They look so primeval to me!
As l got home l saw these two moths on the wall beside my front door...they are so small and beautiful. (From Tony - " The Winter Moth (Operophtera brumata) is a moth of the family Geometridae. It is an abundant species of Europe and the Near East and one of very few Lepidoptera of temperate regions - the only one in the UK - in which the adults are active in the depth of winter.The female of this species is virtually wingless and cannot fly, but the male is fully winged and flies strongly. Our most prolific birds here, the Great Tits and Blue Tits, depend upon the caterpillars of this moth for the greater part of the diet required by their first broods of the season.")

Night all!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Lynda -- for a minute there I thought I was back in Oregon....(it is no wonder we felt at home when we visited London).

it takes a bit more effort to find the beauty when the weather is like do a lovely job of finding the good stuff; thanks!!.

lynda Howells said...

Glad you liked itx.Always look forward to your great commentsxxlynda