Saturday, January 22, 2011

Putney and London trips.

Went down into town the other day, just to take some images. It was great to just look and think about images rather than shopping. Did have to pop into the "3" mobile telephone shop though.

I love the image of this bike because it shows the owner demonstrates initiative! Someone somewhere is missing their "SOLD" sign!
I had to laugh when l saw this gentleman waiting at the traffic lights. He is certainly prepared for the rain that had been forecast for today! It is a pity it was not actually raining, otherwise l could have used it a competition l am involved in.
A bit loud this umbrella, but at least you would see it coming; also, the owner can see you coming. Maybe a lot less accidents and lost tempers on the street!
The box in the next image contained a mobile phone that does not exist!

A long story but l will try and make it shorter... I went into The 3 shop to buy a new smartphone that l had been told about in a flyer enclosed with my latest 3, phone bill! l was told l needed to "speak to Sales"... Did that, a Call Centre apparently in Glasgow, Scotland. Arranged for the phone to be delivered next day. Fine so far. Then l tried to cancel my existing contract while keeping my current telephone number. This time had to speak to a Call Centre in India; where the trouble started! To cut another long story short.. The 3 man in India told me that this offer did not exist, that, if the phone turned up, it was not real and l should send it back! It took one and three quarters to sort this out. Even the salesman in the shop couldn't believe it. Anyway...

l am now using my non existent phone and it works well!!

Another part of this story was about the delivery itself. The seals on the box containing the 'phone clearly instructed one to decline delivery if they had been tampered with. One was completely sliced through. It might have been opened. I 'phoned the "3" number provided to let them know and establish accountability in the event of a problem. Believe it or not it took nearly an hour of chasing around Call Centre staff then being assisted thoroughly and pedantically on a chargeable call!!!

This next image was taken outside my flats, where contractors were working overhead. The 'phone just sitting there made me smile! Not sure why really.
 While in the West End, l saw this from the top of a No.14, Red London Bus. Very funny sight!

London is full of new building going up and you would never think there was a recession going on.

The reason l was up in town was to see an exhibition in the British Museum called "The Book of the Dead". It was amazing. The actual exhibition was held in the Libary/ Reading rooms which are in the centre of the Museum. We were not allowed to take photographs inside the exhibition but l managed to sneak this image. This image shows you part of the reading area on the top level. The exhibition went around the centre of the libary. Very clever idea.

The last image is from a shop opposite the Museum that stocks Harris Tweed. In the window l saw this little boy's jacket in the cute!

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Thanks for sharing your photographically rewarding journies! Great pictures.