Saturday, January 29, 2011

A look round The Barbican in london

I am going to be staying indoors for the next couple of days for various reasons. The main ones being: getting a silk painting order completed; it is getting VERY cold outside; and, we are laying a new wood floor in my studio. So l thought l would show you some images l have taken around London and may not have shown on this site before.
On one day out, we went to see the buildings around The Barbican Estate. This estate contains The Barbican Centre which is an Arts, Drama and business Venue. There is also The Barbican Library, The City of London's Girl's School. The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The YMCA and The London Museum.
Most of it seems to be Grade II listed buildings, built in 1949 by Architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon in the  Brutalist style. It was once voted the ugliest London building in a poll in 2003. The building has a complex, multi-level layout with numerous entrances. Lines painted on the ground to help would-be audience members avoid getting lost on the walkways of the Barbican Housing Estate en route to the Centre. If you would like more information about this building and the area surrounding it, there is alot of information on the Internet.
The next few images are of the area around the flats, caf├ęs and other bits of the Centre. In the Summer, this place is packed as you can imagine. There are the people who live in the flats, people from the schools, the business people, (remembering this in the City of London), theatre going people and visitors.
The pond and waterfall area, l think, are very attractive and can be very peaceful at times. You can often people feeding the ducks, sitting just thinking or reading a daily newspaper.

All around this area of London there seem to be many building that are amazing shapes and also seem to consist of just glass. They are beautiful to look at but, the thought of keeping them clean...!!

And, last but not least, because those who follow this blog know l love cranes... I decided to finish this one off with a white and yellow pretty! Ha!

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