Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The last images from the rest of the Sunday walk in Richmond Park.

These next images are from Sunday's walk, after we came out of Isabella Plantation. There are so many amazing trees in this park, it would be difficult to name my favourite. 

 Tony was standing watching a squirrel trying to find where he had buried his nuts!
Here is that squirrel, now up a tree because he was frightened by Tony. Then, suddenly you could see the way the squirrel realised he had nowhere to go... on this dead tree.  He looked down at me..squeaked..and just froze. Poor thing but it was very funny to watch. I could have stayed and watched him for ages but didn't want to frighten him anymore than l had, so l left.
This family were enjoying their afternoon in the Park and it was great to watch them having such fun. Yes, l know, l am a voyeur!
 I love trees especially these ones with amazing cavities. ( l am not sure this is the right expresstion to use, as l associate it with teeth! Ha). I would love to make at least one of these into some sort of shrine but then l have been saying that for too long. Maybe l should get off my backside and go and organise it. Maybe this is the year l do it!?

 I was quite surprised to see this Jackdaw, and quite a few others, in a tree. l am more used to seeing them on the ground, scrounging visitor's food droppings. I think they are quite beautiful birds.

This is the Diary entry on the notice board at the entrance to Ham Gate. It made Tony and l giggle when we read about all the accidents in the Park due to the snow! Hope you can read it!
 When we got back to our car outside Ham Gate....trouble.  Cars backed up both ways on a single track road and no one would give in! Many drivers were out of their cars and shouting! Why can't people talk things out and be nicer to each other?


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

NIce bird shots and I love bare trees. I'm glad your snow is gone.

lynda Howells said...

I am not glad my snow is gone..l love it!xxhax