Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brick Box activities and stitching!

Putney calling.....Good evening.
These beautiful flowers are from the Quince bush...still not sure it should be flowering now but pleased it is!

Self-portrait for today!

Learning to like Green is growing on me..l think! the colour, must buy some to try Eco-dyeing with. Can hear Tony sighing and saying, "Is nothing safe"?. Hax

This is my bundle that is drying..and still drying....wonder how long l can last?

This is the bundle l have opened because of the rusty items in is now drying after having been unwrapped. Show you once it is dry!
Look what l found in the Charity Shop the other day....yippee! Can use them to hold my small unframed Silk paintings, when l have exhibitions. I think they are so cute!Thank you to who ever made then and then gave them away!

The next few images are of some of the patches l have created....really enjoy making them.

A few weeks ago l eco-dyed some water colour papers, which are now being turned into a book. I have started to decorate it...some stitches and buttons so far. Learning as l go .......

While l was waiting for my bus this morning to go to Brick Box, l saw one of our Wimbledon Common Rangers. Isn't this horse fantastic?
Today at Brick Box,the children and l celebrated Chinese New Year...the year of the Dragon. So we made Dragon Puppets.
 Grandad and children had great fun and made some wonderful puppets.
2 year old learning to glue and ended up making a caterpiller!!! She spoke Spanish and l don't, well a few words but sign/body language is an amazing aid to language! She never sat still, was quite a handful but was so cute! Her father works in the new Spanish food kiosk, which has opened a few space down from us.

This was the temptation facing me today in The Brick Box cafe.......l had a tiny piece and that's all...promise.
 When l was out getting some shopping..look what l saw...isn't it wonderful? Wonder if it was advertising something? There was no writting on the car that l could see.
 What's wrong with this image?
 More dragon puppet fun.

Two young boys ( 7 and 9 l think) who often turn up for my workshops, made their dragons and then went onto other creations!!The results were great.....Evil dragon letters. This is one of the many reasons l love working with children, it is never dull!

The moon and two of it's planets. This is what l saw as l arrived home...beautiful!


Marti said...

Wonder how quince would dye? Would be good to freeze the petals and then do an ice dyeing. I almost wouldn't unwrap your gorgeous dark bundles as they are fantastic, sculptures in their own right. Wonder how it would be to leave a bundle to dry for a good long time; put it on display and then after a year, unwrap. See what I mean about finding wonders when I come here...

lynda Howells said...

Thank you Marti.xx I have wondered about leaving some for a year but have never had the patience!Haxxx I have decided to take a few and do some dyeing with them!x lynda

Mary said...

You are so lucky Lynda ,to be able to pass on your talent to children,and they are lucky to have you.
Those decoy pigeons are great.

lynda Howells said...

thank you Mary..we did have a great day on saturday Hopefully this will crry on into my new studio...fingers crossedxxx the pigeon decoys are greatxxx

Terrie said...

Color of green tea is my favour as well. Your stitches are alwsys inspiring. Love the swirls, cross knots and the lines of stitches. The image of a Wimbleton Common Ranger looks like a historic picture on the wall of a sitting room - looks like back to the old days. Very charming