Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Eco-dyeing and Christmas lights !

A few weeks ago, l spoke about the "patches" l was making..well here are three of them. I have sold one of these...£12 each. l am surprised how people have been so keen on them.
The next three images are of a larger piece l have just finished stitching. The material is a piece of old canvas which dyes well and is great to stitch.
I have discovered l love stitching circles as well as drawing them!

The material l used for this was made from a very open weave cloth....not easy to stitch but l enjoyed the challenge and am happy with the end results.

To carry on from yesterday's "Christmas Lights Tour" images. Leaving my daughter's flat, there is this amazing flat that is very decorated! Pity the lights were not on yet. But you can see what l mean from this image taken from our moving mini!
Just thought l would show you this as we went past it on the way to Regent Street lights. It is an amazing shop that not only sells and repairs umbrellas and walking sticks but also makes them. A very old fashioned service and gentlemen salesmen...gorgeous experience!

Starting off in Oxford Street.......

This spider's web had lights going up and down each strand.....very magical!
This is what it looked like from the open top of our mini...moving quite slowly!

Further down the street......

This was the entrance to a precinct off Regent's street.

Stopped at a set of traffic lights just before Piccadilly Circus.

This is what a Christmas tree looks like when you go past it at 30 miles an hour......and try and take a photograph! I rather like it!
For those of you who love it is all light up for Christmas!
A Christmas themed Christmas window...jingle bells..jingle bells......

End of tour. Night allxxx


Martine said...

O your stitching..... i love it!

lynda Howells said...

xxthanks martinexx

Caroline said...

I love circles too - and those lights are gorgeous!

jenclair said...

Great stitching--just the kind I love!

Ginny Huber said...

IAs of this date I still "don't stitch" or sew but you are one of the people who inspire me to try it. The Indian sari scraps i use in my Second Story pieces have wonderful stitching already if this is the year I do eco dyeing then stitching can't be far behind. These are wonderful pix, Lynda. Thanks for the London lights tour..Jingling all the Way into 2012!

Mary said...

OK ,please don't tell me you stitch everything by hand?I would not have the patience.
And I would give anything just to have ONE of those bells.

Cath said...

I just love your stitched patches Lynda, and your other beautifully hand stitched pieces. Do you stitch every evening?

lynda Howells said...

thanks for your kind words Ginny...start sewing soon girl..xx
Thank you Caroline, jenclair, Mary and Cath for your wonderful comments too. yes Mary l do all the sewing by hand! And cath yes l sew everynight for about 2 hours before l drop off to sleep!!!!!
XXXXXX to you allx lynda

Terrie said...

Beautiful stitches and beautiful lights. Love to see your stitches and I'm loving it. Give it a go soon.