Wednesday, January 25, 2012

onion skins, a few banana skins and my daily life!

I was talking the other day about how l wished l had created a bigger piece of silk, when l saw the results of it being bundled and boiled in banana skins. Well...that is what l did today. A large piece of silk, bundled with about 15 banana skins and then boiled in red onion skins. As you can see from the image does look like a joint of meat! I have boiled it for about 2 hours and will now leave it to cool overnight and then leave it for about a week or two. It depends how long my patience can last! Any bets? Ha!

The weather over the last few days has been very cold and wet...very wet. So l have posted some images below and how it felt. As you will see..l love raindrops!

This next image is what a appears to be a plate or maybe a tile, that may have been dropped on the road. It was under a car, so maybe it was run over because someone forgot to pick it up?... ..either formed a very pretty and interesting pattern on the dark tarmac of the road. "Why did you photograph that rubbish?" l was asked by a man walking by. My answer...It is a beautiful blue, it is unusual to see china on the road and lastly..why not? He just looked at me, shook his head and walked of laughing!
Sometimes simple can be beautiful. This is yet another image to add to the book l am creating called..."On the yellow line".
While l was taking this image in Tooting yesterday, l heard a heated conversation going on behind me. In fact you would have to have been deaf not to hear it! Two white guys, middle aged and one on a phone.
1st guy..."No. l mean today not tomorrow or Friday, NOW!".
2nd guy... Swiped mobile from his hand and shouted out LOUD, " If that money is not here in his hand soon, I'll send the brothers round, no no, no listen, this isn't a f*****g game...I'll send the brothers round. No, you listen to me... Money or legs broken for a warning. And you know the boys, hard to control when they get excited." and so on and so....
I looked round to see if l could see a camera, this must be a film or something. I am not naive but it seemed so staged that l felt as if l was on a film set, mainly because l have heard or seen this "conversation" so many times. But, no... it was real and l was listening in, as were the rest of the people around the station, to a very threatening phone call. What really surprised me was no-one else seemed to be bothered by what was being said. If you actually listened to this very loud conversation, ( it was hard not to ) you would have realised you were listen to a very threatening, violent and dangerous conversation..scarey times!
 Um... nice orange colour... but, how toxic would this be to us eco-dyers? Ha!

Um.... today's self portrait makes my nose look quite large! But l can't alter it just because l am not happy with it because l have to remember why l started this project. To feel happier about myself!!! And it is working and l am actually enjoying the whole project.
One of the many Cherry trees on and around our flats that is in blossom... Nature must be very confused! Hope the frosts, due soon, don't do too much damage to the buds. I love using the red leaves from this cherry tree for eco-dyeing...very easy to print with too.

When our winter days are dark and miserable, this bush always cheers me up. Unfortunately this image was not what l had hoped for. The red part of the stems are not showing up too well, l used too much flash... I should know better but it was raining and l was wet and cold. ...I know..."A bad workman always blames his tools" who said that? And on that thought l will say "Goodnight folks".


Sallie ( said...

Beautiful pictures of your crafts, scary conversation, love the self-portrait. Thanks as always for sharing.

Sue McB said...

That is a red stemmed dogwood shrub - check it out on Wikipedia, you can actually use the bark for dyeing, but I'm sure your fellow residents would object it you chopped it up!! I have several in my garden, have not tried it for dye, but might just have to.

Terrie said...

Great views, raindrops and cherry are pretty. You're observant. A little something could be a nice shot in your hands. Eager to see the outcome of the dyeing. You're patient to wait for 2 or more weeks. Must be a surprise piece.

Dayna Collins said...

Your creativity is inspiring!

Betty Eilat said...

Hi Lynda, Loved reading your words and I love your self portrait!
Interesting dye with banana's skins...

Marti said...

Inspiration from all around us and I love how you use what you see and then some, to make uniquely beautiful dyed cloths Lynda. It takes a good eye to notice the ordinaries that offer so many possibilities...

The dyed cloths and what you have created from them on India Flint's found, stitched and dyed blog have been compelling and inspirational. Recently, I was inspired from your land to create a cloth that was featured on India's blog. A photo of an ancient tree from Glastonbury, England haunted me and so I attempted to create it on cloth not something I have ever done before. I am new to cloth, having gotten involved in natural dyeing when I was gifted with Indias first book on Eco Colour. I have done a lot of natural dyeing in the past two years and have made an assortment of wall hangings but nothing specific in terms of design. As I wrote in the comments of that blog entry, the tree haunted me and overtime, it became the Dragon Tree. It's good to feel haunted at times for it leaves one open to the possibility of discovering wonder. like the wonders that I find on coming here.

lynda Howells said...

Thanks for the tip Sue....Marti..l love trees and l love and visit Glasonbury often. I saw your tree, it was beautiful.
Thanks Sallie, Terrie, Betty and Dayna for your lovely words..they mean a lot to

Leslie said...

I love the way you find beauty in everyday things that others dismiss. You are right, and it brings such happiness, doesn't it? Perhaps that's the artist in you.

Can't wait to see your piece of silk.

And, yes, scary conversation.

Leslie said...

I love the way you find beauty in everyday things that others dismiss. You are right, and it brings such happiness, doesn't it? Perhaps that's the artist in you.

Can't wait to see your piece of silk.

And, yes, scary conversation.

~*~Patty S said...

sounds like your weather is confused like ours is...this morning we had thunder and a bit of lightening and it was balmy...not our usual winter weather here in Virginia

gorgeous color you got from the onion skins and banana skins and

I could not have resisted the blue pottery either...thank you for sharing with us

AND cell phone conversation sometimes drive me up the wall...I do NOT want to hear everyone's business and especially not if it is upsetting like that phone call

fun self portrait...I am also admiring your lovely camera lens ;)