Monday, January 02, 2012

Dyeing, stitiching and Christmas lights.

It seems so long since l last posted some of my eco dyeing and stitching . Christmas and New Year seem to have got in the way!
The first image is of a piece of silk, that was bundled with a few bits of rusty tin, and a few banana skins.

This is a piece of cotton bundled with blue eucalyptus leaves and dyed in a pot of blue eucalyptus leaves and pods.
The next two images are of some of the piece of old wool blanket, that l found in a thrift shop. They are dyed with Eucalyptus leaves. The first image is of the front side, which is bundled with them. The other side was bundled with oak leaves as well. I really love working with this old wool blanket, it dyes so well.

This is a piece of old silk from a blouse that has been embroidered by me, all the buttons have been found or given to me.

 This next piece of silk was bundled with banana skins  and a few eucalyptus and then embroidered by me.
 This last eco-dyed image is of a piece of skim that l dyed with blue eucalyptus and bottle tops, just to see if anything would take. Very pleased with the end result.
Today, Bank Holiday Monday, we did a tour of the Christmas Lights around Central London. This is the decoration that is outside The Saatchi Gallery.
 This decoration was in Sloane Square...simple but very beautiful.
 Very bright moon this afternoon....just over Buckingham Palace!
There were a lot of tourists around the "Buck House" area and, as we drove past, l could see a beautiful Christmas Tree.

Big Ben looked beautiful against the dark blue sky.

 As we were waiting to move in traffic, we noticed a telephone box with lots of people around it. Then we realised why everyone was laughting and shouting... They were trying to see how many people they could squeeze into the box!

 Not a good image but l do love the way this Christmas tree and lights seem to be "a ghost" in this image.
A view of the "Eye" through the Mini window. I think it looks dramatic any time of the day but, at night, especially so.
 These are everywhere it seems in London this year... what l call "Mistletoe" balls. They looks so pretty and really stand out against the bare tree branches.

Tomorrow, l will show you some more dyeing, stitching and Christmas lights.


deanna7trees said...

banana skins. i never thought of that. great results. love those bottle caps too.

Birdsong said...

A fun post combining dyeing and holiday lights! I took a hiatus from dyework over the holidays; something had to give!

Maggi said...

Gorgeous eco pieces

lynda Howells said...

Thanks for your nice commentsxx banana skins are great fun to use, if a bit messy at the end!xx