Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me, interesting things and the man in the moon!

 l try to do a self portrait most days and this is today's.
This is the willow tree that has just been cut (pollarded) on our Estate, as it was dying and becoming dangerous. I had some amazing shots of the men cutting it yesterday but my camera "ate" the images! Grr!!! Anyway, l managed to get a few images today and also some of them cutting the Eucalyptus tree. You should have seen the huge pile of leafy branches that the tree cutters left me. It made me laugh. I had asked the guys to leave me two or three armfuls... All l can say is... they have very big arms! I got SO many branches. I only hope l have enough room in the garage to hang up all of them!! 
This is what our Willow tree looked like until yesterday.....
First cut is the deepest!!!!!
This is how it looks now!!!!sighhhhhhh!
Loads of trees were "trimmed" today!

I walk past this row of houses a lot and it was only yesterday l realised l have no images of them. I really love them but they are quite small but as they say, beautifully formed!
 Found these fungi today and am going to experiment with them. 
So many berries on one tree....and l picked up loads to work with.
I `m one happy bunny-look at my windfalls all my Eculyptus cut branches...!!
Before l end this post, l wanted to show you some of the Christmas decorations that caught my eye , when we were in Kingston last week. I actually thought they looked better when not switched on!!

Goodnight from the Man in the Moon!

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Some people see a pile of limbs, you see materials for your beautiful creations! Happy New Year Lynda!