Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dyeing, paper napkin and the rest of the trip to Kent.

Another piece of silk but this time bundled with Blue dye giving Eucalyptus leaves. I boiled it for 3 hours in the orange leaf dye. I loved the result, wish l had used a much bigger piece of silk. Oh l also added a few rusty tins to the bundle as well..just remembered. Also I used no mordents with this bundle.

The next is a piece of silk which was wrapped around rusty tins and then just dyed in orange dye Eucalyptus leaves. I have not finished stitching it yet, but can you see the cats l stitched? Ha!
Now for something different, as they say on the TV!!! This started out as a napkin, that l saw at my daughter's flat. The minute l saw it l felt l wanted to do something with it. Here is the result...a stitched spoon, knife and fork!!!! I love it .....anyone tell me what they would do with it now? maybe a prize in it for some one...thinks!????
The rest of these images are from yesterday's trip to Kent. I was so amazed to see some many, what l think of late summer plants, still flowering. These Pansies for example and there were also African violets as well...very strange.

Yesterday, if you remember, l stayed taking images while Tony picked his aunt up. Well l also collected quite a few things as well as taking images!!!!As if you weren't surprised! One of the things l collected were these black berries. I have a horrible feeling these are Tuscan berries which are toxic..dam! if anyone is ready this l can comfirm that for me..please let me know!!!

I love ivy but this particular batch of ivy really caught my eye. Why? I think it was because it is so varied in colour and is small in size. It just looked so beautiful l had to show you!!
This is what is called "Old man's beard" and l love it. It is so delicate and magical looking and when it covers a whole tree, looks like something out of a fairy tale.
In the village where Tony's aunt lives, is this one house l always try to drive slowly past. The reason being he has such funny things in his front yard. This time the first thing you cannot fail to notice is...a giraffi hanging over the front railings!
The next is in the form of a rather large black and white cow!
And last but not least...a gorrilla, a pig and a couple celebrating New Year! Not sure l want to be their neighbours but it does make me smile, when l drive past it!
I have now found out these berries are not berries at all but crap apples. Every tree l have gone past in the last week or so is suffering under the amount on each tree. This one's branches are actually breaking under the strain. Shame the people who own this tree have not done some thing about it.
Being a passenger in the mini, l was reading and  happened to look up, to be met by this sight. ( see next image!) Just for a second l was extremley panicked.....then realised it was ok! The lorry was not coming straight at us, the wrong way on the road but was on tow!Phew!!!
The motorway was not quiet!!
The next few images are of the wonderful sky that we had all the way home.

Not sure what l did to achieve this image of the moon...but l like it!
And the last image..what better way to end a trip out but a quick trip to Staples....Ha! when did l ever manage a quickt trip to Staples?


deanna7trees said...

beautiful dyed images. all the photos are wonderful. i like what you did with that napkin. you could transfer the image to cloth and make a dish towel or a place mat or a bag to hold silverware. just hang the original in the kitchen.

lynda Howells said...

Thanks for ideas Deannax am having loads of fun most admit!xxlynda

Lynette (NZ) said...

Hi there - your dying is superb. I love your stitched napkin - maybe it could be the beginning of a wee book? :-)

lynda Howells said...

yes lYnette, that is one of my ideas too.....thanks for comments on my dyeing.

Martine said...

So lovely skies Lynda and what to do with your new work?
Maybe use the fork for eating the cat?

iNd!@nA said...

love the stitched cutlery...

bois-fleurie said...

I lived in Kent for many years and still love to go there.Your photos are beautiful and I very much enjoyed reading all this blog

lynda Howells said...

Thank you for all your great comments and for visiting my blog site.xx I am really enjoying my ego dyeing and's to a great 2012. x lynda