Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mostly dyeing today!

I have been doing some more dyeing...what a shock!! Ha!...This first image is of a Pashmina (bought for only £ could have cost me about £30!) which was original white and l think it was more than likely an unloved Christmas present..shame! I  tied it first and then dyed it with fungi dye but was not happy with the results, so l decided to re dye it.   But what colour?

I decided to use the blue/purple dye from blueberries...really like the idea of this.
This is what the pashmina looked like when first taken out of the dye, having been boiled for 2 hours. really rich, dark colour. 
The next image is after the pashmina had been draining for a while over the sink, paler but not that much that it worries me. I will leave it until it is fully dry and then l will let it rest for a week before taking off the elastic bands and wash it.
 I decided last night that l had to start sorting out my ever increasing pile of paper work...such as stuff l find interesting, newspaper articles, project ideas, notes and so on.  l am feeling much better for it but l have a long way to go yet but at least l have started it!! This image shows you a tiny bit of what l am facing! Ha!

The next two images are of the piece of silk l dyed useing banana skins. A view of each side.

I have now washed all my lastest dyeing project and none of them have lost any colour...l am so pleased with the results.
I just wanted to show you this bird  image l took the other day. It is not a brillant one but l really like it. I have not decided what l want to do with it yet but it really fasinactes me, so when l have decided l will show you!
And the last gorgeous husband. The doctor is testing him at the moment..just "checking" for our children to see if he does actually have "a heart"!?


deanna7trees said...

always love seeing your dyeing progress. can't wait to see if the pashmina holds the color. and love that bird image. the wing looks like it's waiting to be woven.

bois-fleurie said...

I too find I like to read about your dyeing sessions. I think the photo of the little bird is amazing.

stitchinglife said...

The fabric looks lovely. Hope hubs is OK!

Annette said...

Lynda your dyeing results are gorgeous, as is that photo of the bird. well done. Am sure your hubby has a heart, hope nothing serious is found..

Mary said...

You always amaze me with your art dyeing and photos and I especially love the bird.

lynda Howells said...

thank you everyone for such super comments about my art. I am so pleased that others can see what l see in "my bird" husband doesn't!Ha!
I dried and unwrapped my Pashmina and at the moment it looks interesting. I will leave it a while to mature and then show you all.
Tony is ok just finding he has to take life very slowly at the moment. Will keep you up to date. Thanks for all your support. Means a lot to me..thanksx

dorie said...

bananaskins! I just had thought about them when making a bananabread from three black overripe banana's. Next time I will give it a try, your samples are great.