Friday, January 13, 2012

Finished work, dyeing, fungi, bottling and more.

Well it is friday afraid, be very afraid!......Ha!
Today l decided l would show you what l have been stitching, making, collecting, dyeing and looking at. The first image is of a piece of Eucalyptus dyed, stitched and felted wool blanket, it was originally cream! It eventually will be turned into another bag. I am really loving how this piece is turning out and think it will make a beautiful bag. All l need to do now is line it and sewn on a silk rope handle .
 I really am enjoying creating these bags from pieces of re-cycled or thrown away materials. This next bag has been created from a thrown away piece of cotton, which was bundled and dyed with Blue Gum Eucalyptus leaves. Then l embroidered it and decorated it with found buttons.
Lined with Eucalyptus dyed silk and re-cycled buttons.
 Back of bag.
 Detail of corner where a piece of Eucalyptus dyed silk has been added.
While walking to the hospital yesterday, l saw this fungi on Putney Heath. There were quite a few broken off pieces, so l bought them home and as you will see from the next image..put them in water to soak. So far the liquid has a yellow hue to it. How exciting!

For those of you who follow my blog, you may remember that l have been collecting thrown away cognac bottles from outside a Convent! Well l haven't been along that route for a few weeks but l was there yesterday and guess what?...I collected another 13 bottles!!!All l need to do now, is decide what l am going to create with these disguarded bottles!um.......

Today's self-portrait!

The next image is a tub of Beetroot juice. This is from the water which the beetroot was boiled in and the skin from each veg. Really deep red/purple, can't wait to use it. I have had good results in the past.
The other week l was in Kingston Open Air Market and a stall holder was selling 7 advocado's for £ l bought 14! They were so cheap because they were past their best. I still used the flesh and then the skins and stones where use for dyeing. The skins, which l clean/scrape really well by using an old toothbrush and knife are showing a yellow/orange colour at present. 

The stones dye bath, at the moment is looking pinkish..magic in the making! 
Do you remember all Eucaylptus leaves l picked up from our tree being trimmed?..well here is a tiny bit of it being boiled. The rest is in drying in the garage.
I have been bottling dyes and also been experimenting with freezing some dyes and also some Eucayptus leaves. Let you know the results later.

What would l do without my sturdy bag on wheels?


Maggi said...

The first piece is beautiful and the bag is so lovely. Your concoctions certainly look interesting.

Anonymous said...

The bags are really beautiful, Lynda. Looks like you have some magic happening in those pots!

lynda Howells said...

thank you both for visiting and leaving great commentsxx It means a lot to me to know people actually read what l writex
lynda xx

Anonymous said...

Love those bags..they look really good, and the blue buttons give a great contrast. I did some dyeing a couple of days ago with a really evil brew of Eucalyptus and walnut skins...should post some pics, even more so, should do something with the bits instead of generating a huge stockpile of dyed fabrics!!

lynda Howells said...

That is the problem with is fun and you experiment and you get hooked....then suddenly you realise that you have this huge pile of amazing fabric..but what to do with it! Hax Glad you like the bags.xlynda

Annette said...

Your work is wonderful... Cognac bottles from outside a convent... what story can they tell?
I too have a large collection of natural dyed fabrics, I love just looking through them, touching them, remembering..

Martine said...

Great foto's Lynda and i love your stitching..........

Cath said...

Your silk dyed bags are just beautiful Lynda, and those cauldrons of dye you have on the go look intriguing! Looking forward to seeing pics of whatever you dye in them.

Terrie said...

I really love your bags / purses with stitches. All are such pretty both in color and works of stitches. Such lovely artpieces. So glad to know you, inspiring and creative blog.