Friday, January 06, 2012

Herringbone material and old buildings

More eco-dyeing folks. This is a piece of herringbone linen which was a sort of greyish colour. It was bundled with leaves l found around my estate the gardener had just brushed up into a pile! Then l boiled the bundle in (orange dye) Eucalyptus leaves for about 3 hours. I am very pleased with the end results. 

This is a piece of silk which was bundled together with bottle tops and red and pink rose petals then boiled in blue Eucalyptus leaf dye. I really love the effect and also the pale pink/yellowish colour.
 This silk has been bundled with slices of oranges. It is a lot deeper in colour than it appears in this image. For some reason l couldn't get the colour correct.
Today we went to visit our Aunty and took her out to Lunch at a pub/resturant in a 13th Century building called "The Dirty Habit"!! 

It is a beautiful building!
Most of the buildings in the village are hundreds of years old and built in the lovely Kentish style. While Tony collected Aunty Mo, l stayed behind to photograph the village. BUT oh my goodness it was COLD!!!!

Are these meant to be flowering now? outside?
I love the colour of this door and l would like to have my kitchen cupboards this colour . I also thought the Christmas decoration on this door was very unusual.
 Here is another gorgeous house in this village of Hollingbourne.

 Also in the village, there is this amazing building called Hollingbourne Manor... sigh! Wouldn't you love to own this glorious house? Here's hoping for the winning numbers in the Lottery on Saturday!!!
This next image shows you the gateway to the Manor and the Coach House. Don't you just love those gorgeously decorated gates?
This stone plaque was  high up on the wall, next to the main gates. I was unable to read it because of the height but also the sun was shining on it quite brightly! 
 Now to see inside the Dirty Habit!
These antlers are hung over a doorway inside the pub, which is so low, most people have to duck!
 One part of the restaurant has a beautiful fire that burns wonderful smelling wood logs.

 Then there is sort of "cosy" area to sit while you wait for your meal or have a few drinks with friends.
Most of the seating is wooden benches, as if you were in a church and in one corner is special seating "for Monks"! Some of the eating areas have normal chairs but they are all different in styles, patterns and colours.
And the last image is of something l love looking for...fungi. But l don't know the name of these particular ones!!!


artymess said...

amazing place ...your dye work is to die for !!! lovely job ...xx

lynda Howells said...

xxthank you kind lady!xx

Mary said...

It never ceases to amaze me how,Britain has so many different styles of buildings,for different areas.These photos were wonderful.Thank you.

lizet frijters said...

I love the outcome of your dyeing, great results. I am in love with the beautiful buildings, they have so much character.

Terrie said...

Apparently a wonderful meal, cozy and typical ambience. I love Britain. Hong Kong was once a colony. Love so much English buildings !

lynda Howells said...

once again thanks for visiting and leaving nice commentsxxx one of the reasons l am glad we decided to stay in UK for a while(how long is a piece of string?) was because the variety of places there are to see and visit in our own country still.