Thursday, January 05, 2012

More dyeing and bits around London!

I just love the way "things" happen when you let Nature work it's magic. This was a bright yellow table napkin which l eco-dyed with blue eucalyptus leaves....Can you see a tree? Love it.

I found a small, white bodice top in a charity shop and l wish it had been my size!!sigh!!! Not even my trips to the gym could get me to fit into this!Ha!  I dyed and bundled it with "blue" Eucalyptus leaves and added some copper plant labels into the bundle. Can you see the oblong shape?.... that's the label. Really pleased how this turned out. When l start my Etsy shop l think that's where this will go.

We drove past Buckingham Palace the other evening and through the side gates can you see the Christmas Tree?  The main Christmas tree is out the front of the Palace and it was huge. I couldn't take an image, as we were driving quite fast and you cannot stop opposite the front gates, for security reasons.
I spotted this window design on a London building, when l was looking up to see the moon. The structure around the window always reminds me of the buildings l saw in Paris.
While we were stopped at a set of traffic lights, l looked up and saw this building decoration. The rest of the building is so boring and dirty and yet this level is beautiful and looks as if it has been cleaned recently.
While we were again at another set of traffic lights, this car drove up beside us...drool. It was a Lamborghini...but bright yellow..oh have some style please!
 Can you see a cow on top of the building? Don't panic it is not real it is plastic!Ha


jenclair said...

Yes--love the tree, love the color!

deanna7trees said...

beautiful, that first image. i see the tree but i also see a ballerina with her feet crossed.

lynda Howells said...

thanks for the comments..l can see the ballet dancer too nowxx lynda

Terrie said...

Oh ye, I see the tree! So organic !