Monday, January 23, 2012

Dyeing and the man in the moon!

This is the piece of silk that l stitched without using a ring. The main reason being l didn't have a small enough embroidery ring. I have now got one, as l found the silk was really difficult to sew as it would pucker and l felt it didn't sit correctly. I now back silk with cotton when l sew it, as l find it easier to handle.
This is another one of my "patches" which I really am enjoying making from my many scraps .
This is the latest patch. I am now putting adhesive patches on the back of some them, so those that don't want or can't sew don't have to! I am also designing the labels for these packages at the moment..not easy  ..... all for £12!

The other week l put up an image of a small bag l had just finished sewing, so l thought you might like to see all of it now. l just have to find something for the strap. 
This is the front.

 The back.
 Front and back.
 Lined insided with Eucalyptus dyed silk.
As we were walking past this shop in Putney today..Tony started to laugh and pointed out this chest of drawers. 
I have taken a closer image of it and it really does look as if it a smily chest of drawers doesn't it? Ha. So much fun for a child's room but an adult?um........or am l just being boring?Hax
The man in the moon says "Goodnight"


artymess said...

I LOVE that chest of drawers i want it !! ....does that mean Im still a child at heart ??....great patches ..xx

Mary said...

Great stitching as always,and I like the duck egg blue unit next to the smiles.

lynda Howells said...

Yes My artymess friend..but that's what l love about youxxx
Mary l love the duck blue unit too.xx

Terrie said...

I love your stitched pouches. The way you done it is so pretty. Your work indeed impressive and inspired me a lot. Loving it.