Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Day in Kew Gardens. Part 1

Happy New Year to everyone!
Today we went to Kew Gardens, as the sky was blue, no clouds, no wind but boy! was it cold. Anyway we wrapped up and set off with the roof down! I have to admit that we did get some strange looks from people who were all wrapped up to the nines!Ha!

This is also a self portrait! And the next image is of my husband Tony, wrapped up too, in his new Christmas present, red coat!Ha!

As you will see from the next image, the snow that fell last night, only stayed in some places and there was not much of it! Shame.

As we got to Kew, as usual it looked as if we were going to have problems with trying to find a parking place, as the area was packed but we were lucky. As we walked to the main entrance, l spotted, with a hint from my husband, a pair of glasses up in a pole used to tell you about parking regulations. It must have been about 5ft off the ground, not at eye not easy for people to see. Most people who loose something like glasses, would look down on to the ground, not up in the air!

Once in the park it was still very icy and some snow was still lying around. Many of the leaves were covered in snow, very winter wonderland looking!

Earlier this week while on a walk in Richmond Park, l saw my first Puffball fungi and l was so excited. Today as we were walking in Kew, under a tree l saw another one. I bent down to take an image and then stood up, l realised l was surrounded by them, at least a hundred. Some old and blown, some small ones, a few really big ones, a few deformed ones and some that were intacted and not blown yet.

This was the only one l found that had been ripped open, maybe by an animal, that enabled me to see inside one of these puffballs. Looks like the inside of my hoover bag!

These two puffballs were joined together as though they were twins. The explosion which made these holes, must have packed a punch! As the fungi gets older the skin starts to looked as if the edges have been aged with ink. One or two of them looked as if they could have been made in porcelain.

When the puffballs are in a group like this and they have all blown, to me it looks as if they could be from a burial site at a dig. You know, small versions of pots and burial gifts!

There was only a little of this fungi left but what was still here was beautiful. This was the underneath and reminded me of coral. So very delicate looking. I wanted to be able to pick it up and keep it for ever but it would just rot and cause a smell...and Tony puts up with enough with my art as it is!Ha!

This was the area where l found the puffballs, isn't it gorgeous. There are so many walks and turns that one could easily get lost. Well l could, as l have no sense of direction. All over the place , you suddenly come upon a bench, were you can sit and contemplate the world. Some are in the open, others behind trees and quiet and others all around the pond, so you can see the swans and ducks.

At this resting place, which cannot be seen from the path, is where l am going to leave you today. I will continue the journey tomorrow. I am off to bed..night all!x

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