Monday, June 14, 2010

A trip to Wolverhampton to see friends

Earlier this week, Tony and l decided to go to see friends of ours, who live near Birmingham, for a few days. As l went out of the flats, l saw this beautiful Iris, in one of the flower beds, with these beautiful rain drops on it, from earlier in the morning. They really made the petals sparkle. 

The grass and clover also had raindrops on it and they make the whole grass area sparkle too. Rain may be not what we want in June but it does make the surrounding gardens interesting!
As l got to the car, l noticed this spider's web..the rain made the web's threads look like a diamond necklace!

The journey up "North" was not to bad, quite a bit of traffic but at least we were still moving. After we left the Motorway, we were on country roads and came across this "bridge" across the road. I asked Tony what he thought it might be? His answer: A safety net across the road, to protect the men working on the overhead cables. My answer was l reckon is much more exciting!..I reckon it is a safety net for the "Dead Slide" people sliding across the road!Ha! what do you reckon??

I had to stop and take an image of this bridge..l thought it was so beautiful and sort of romantic looking.
On this trip, Tony was trying out his new "very" cheap Sat Nav called Mary! It was very good but her constant voice drove me mad! It had not be possible to put the whole of the correct address in, so l thought it was quite funny , that Mary said..This was our end of our journey!Ha......instead of.......
the amazing 14century house below, my friends live in!!!Bit different..what! 

The house is amazing, it has fantastic ingle nook fire places and loads of amazing beams and weird shaped windows. Plus in my view..several ghosts! Just as a point of interest, can you see the cloud going in front of their chimney?
After our stay, we decided to go to Wolverhampton, to a fabric shop l had been told about. On the way, we saw this amazing Vintage car, not sure what is called, but love it.
We were sat in a traffic queue at one stage, in this journey.  As l sat there, l was bore and looked out the window and was reminded how beautiful "uncultivated" grass areas can be!
I am NOT a fan of football and l am not watching the World cup but l can't help noticing ALL the hundreds and thousands of England flags there are all around the place. They are on cars, houses, pubs, bikes and anything and anybody that will stay still long enough to have a flag put on it or them! Now if it was Rugby..that would be a different matter!ha!
While we were trying to find this material shop, which we later found out had moved 3( yes..3) years ago.....we came across this wall! Wonder what it is all about?
In Wolverhampton, there is The Molineux Stadium, where the Wolverhamton Wanders play! I promise you, you couldn't miss is BRIGHT orange and yellow!!!!
After leaving Wolverhamton, which l was not sorry to do, we were in another traffic jam, we stopped beside this door. It looks too small and rather quaint! I couldn't see what was written on the door unfortunetly!
And last but not least..look at this sign l saw in Wolveronhampton the window of a Chinese Resturant!!!
I love the comment under the word Child...basically you can only be classed a child, if you are below 1.40m in high!!!


Beach House Living said...

Okay, how did you resist not pulling over to read the note on such an interesting door. If was a plain door that is one thing but it's a very neat looking door. Maybe next trip.

Lynda Howells said...

it is funny actually, l did try and get tony to go slowly in the traffic jam, so l could go and photograph the note...but no go!hax