Thursday, June 17, 2010

The story of the cigs in London!

Smoking restrictions were phased in, with a ban on smoking in NHS and government buildings in 2006, in enclosed public places in 2007, and with the restrictions on smoking in licensed premises introduced at the end of 2008.Below are some of the images l took concerning the ban and what has happened since!

In our local nice to not have smoke in my eyes and throat all eveing on a night out!

Unfortunetly this is the big problem when people stand outside their office, pub or hospital and there are no bins...because of security reasons!!!

I hate the smell of cigarettes but love the smell of cigars and pipes!

Some people have more money than sense it appears...this packet of cigarettes was left on a coffee table and got wet and soggy. The waitress told me, the guy who owned them, told her she could have them as he couldn't be bothered to weigh his trousers down with them!!!! She forgot to pick them up after her shift and it rained over night!!!
Smoke gets in your eyes.....hate walking through a door when there are people smoking just outside the main office or pub door!!
This was dropped by a woman getting on a bus, as the rain came down. It was still burning as she threw it away!!!!...because you can't smoke on buses any more!
The image below was as l found it, l promise l did not set this up. Someone with a quirky sense of humour!

Saw this person standing in a door way and thought, if l ever smoked, it would have to be this sort of brown type..very quirky l think. Either that or those coloured ones, you some times see people smoking!

Have you noticed how many empty cigpackets there are lying around? It wasn't till l started to take images, that l started to realise how many different sorts of cigarettes there are!!!! AND these are just a few of over 40 images l have!!

Have you ever seen a packet this small before? I hadn't until today!!
There are also many different types of tobacco and roll your own papers! just a few below!

Below is a guy l photographed a while ago but l still love the way the smoke curls! Still glad l never ever started to smoke!


Beach House Living said...

Smoking is not allowed inside pubs here either. On buses that stop years ago. I'm surprised you can't smoke outside offices however.

Dianne said...

I love the series of shots
I hate when people litter
Here in the states fast food wrappers are everywhere

I smoke and have always been a thoughtful smoker even before the laws

I don't think some of the restrictions are fair or make sense

People sit in the cars with the engines running yet they complain about my one cigarette

Carly said...

wow, interesting series of pictures. It is difficult to change a culture that has been a certain way for such a long time.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lynda -- interesting post but kind of horrifying at the same time! Many of the people who do smoke now (here as well) are just kind of 'in your face' about it -- they are died in the wool, never going to listen to anybody types (IMHO). I feel sorry for those who would like to quit but can't break the habit. It is insidious.

We were in London (trip of a lifetime for us) for three months in 2007 == used the wonderful public transportation the whole time and it was right when the smoking ban on trains and platforms took effect. It was interesting to listen to the griping in the many languages and accents.

We haven't smoked for years and years and never seriously -- all 4 of our parents did and suffered for it.