Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to see parents and Rustington Carnival!

Last weekend, Tony and l went to visit my parents and to see the Rustington Carnival. The image below is the start of the Carnival Procession. Love the camel coming out of the sun roof!

The women performing their belly dance routine, were amazing and also l thought very was NOT warm and yet they smiled and danced as if the sun was shinning. They were very dramatic and colourful to watch.

The next image is of some of the children involved in the carnival. The effort the parents and the children  put into making their costumes is quite amazing! The children were laughing and smiling all around the route.
I love the way this child has very definetly decorated his own mask!
This amazingly, colourful couple were part of the carnival, not sure what they really were meant to be but they certainly cheered up a dull day!
I know that many children and adults are scared of clowns but l was amazed to see and hear so many people and children, around the route, crying or either saying they were afraid of them! Um..a project in there some where l think!! I was told that the clowns..who l thought were brillant, were members of the Rustington Players.

Below shows what this Carnival was all about...Giving to Charity!
Below is the reason l was at the Carnival! My parents and some of their friends ( Friends of Princess Marina House..a faclity for convalescences and respite for the RAF and members of their families) were taking part in the Carnival as "The Red Barons"....on Electric scooters..what a hoot. I have never seen my parents look so happy!Ha. The mad Red Baron pretending to be a plane is Harry!

My beaming mum!
...and bringing up the rear..My father MBE!
These mothers made an amazing effort in their costumes which followed the musical..Sound of Music....

This was a great costume..the mum is be being pushed by her friend and accompanied by a gorgeous paper face! If you look at the second image you will see how they actually made the bed move!!Ha
can you see her feet ?....and for a moment when l first  saw the bed..l really thought she was lying on the actual bed...great fun!

This LARGE truck carried the local dance school's entrance.."Hairspray" the musical.

This lady was part of the Wizard of Oz theme..The tin man l think plus dog!
The Cadets band was outstanding and yet again wion the prize for best band!

The image below  two dogs shows them on their way to take part in a competion! The name of this competion made me giggle..the dog with the Waggiest tail!!!!!

                                                                     My Parents!!!

This young lady was part of the Dance School that was on the biggest truck, l have ever seen taking part in a Carnival !!! their theme was the musical "Hairspray".....the clue is in her hand!

Anyway, last but not least is a spectater at the Carnival! The blue stuff in his hair, is that stuff called Crazy foam string..l think!  Itt didn't rain, the sun shone for a while, there were large groups and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and l hope The Lions raised an amazing amount of money for Charity!


Beach House Living said...

What a fabulous and colorful day! Love the Red Barrons.

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

It is so fun to look at these photos knowing the awesome person who took them! thanks for meeting me, and let's do stay in touch. as soon as I get my cable, I will have photos to share and lots of the blog.
Cumbria was amazing, as was Scotland. . . . all the best, Emily

C said...

Great pictures. Love the bed lady and the little boy with the mask. Cute.

Lynda Howells said...

It was great meeting you to Emily and your gorgeous daughter. Yes..please stay in touch as we have so much in common. My husband said "oh no! not another you..not sure the world can stand "two yous" love!
Glad you enjoyed the rest of you stay and hope to hear from you soon. Do you have skype?xlynda

Thanks for everyone else's super comments, nice to know l am not alone in reading my blog!xx